Pending Permits

Accessible bellow are lists of Pending, Approved, and Removed permits submitted to the COGCC. Select a county from the drop-down menu, and click "Go!" to view the records for that area.

All Pending Applications
Pending Drilling and Location permits; included are links to eForms for Public Comments, submitted doucments and map location for each application.

Any member of the public may comment on Location Assessments within the public comment period.
Guides for using the COGCC website tools to evaluate and submit comments on pending applications are available here.

Pending Permits   (Filed prior to January 15th, 2021)
These applications are no longer subject to comment, review, or approval.

 Oil & Gas Location Assessment Permits (Form 2A):           Make comments related to the surface location and facilites.

                                           Permits to Drill (Form 2):     

Operator Report
An Export of pre-January 15th, 2021 Pending Form 02 and 02A's

  Operator Number:    

Approved Permits within the Last 12 Months
Included are links to the Scout Card and documents for the approved permits.  

 Oil & Gas Location Assessment Permits (Form 2A):     

                                            Permits to Drill (Form 2):     

For permits approved more than 12 months ago please click here
     For Form 02A's select 'LOCATION' as the facility type.
     For Form 02's select 'WELL' as the facility type.