in the matter to govern operations in the gibson gulch federal unit, garfield county, colorado





  CAUSE NO.    1


  ORDER NO.    1-63




                        This cause came on for hearing before the Commission on October 15, 1996, at 3:30 p.m., in Suite 801, the Chancery Building, 1120 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado, after giving Notice of Hearing, as required by law on the application of The Stout Ranch for a hearing to rule on several issues in reference to the Gibson Gulch Federal Unit, Garfield County.



                        The Commission finds as follows:


                        1.  The Stout Ranch as an applicant herein, is an interested parties in the subject matter of the above‑referenced hearing.


                        2.  Due notice of the time, place and purpose of the hearing has been given in all respects as required by law.


                        3.  The Commission has jurisdiction over the subject matter embraced in said Notice, and of the parties interested therein, and jurisdiction to promulgate the hereinafter prescribed order.


                        4.  On March 7, 1996, The Stout Ranch filed a written application with the Commission for a hearing to rule on the following issues: 1.  Acknowledgement that Applicant's land is not part of the Gibson Gulch Federal Unit and therefore would be subject to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rules; 2.  That Applicant receive full value of the oil and gas produced from the Gibson Gulch Federal Unit No. 14-19 Well located in the SE¼ SW¼ Section 19, Township 6 South, Range 91 West, Garfield County, operated by Vessels Oil & Gas Company.  This well is approximately 200 feet from the Stout property which is in violation of Rule No. 316 and is damaging to Applicant's correlative rights; and 3.  That Applicant be provided with requested accounting and geological data.


                        5.  On May 15, 1996, Vessels Oil & Gas Company field with the Commission a letter protesting, among other things, the jurisdiction of the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission over this matter.


                        6.  On May 15, 1996, the attorney for the Applicant filed with the Commission a letter described the actions the Applicant intended to take and as a result, the prehearing conference which had been scheduled for May 17, 1996 was canceled and the hearing was continued to the July hearing.


                        7.  On May 20, 1996, a protest to the Application was filed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


                        8.  On July 3, 1996, a stipulation and joint motion for continuance of the hearing until October was filed with the Commission by both parties.


                        9.  At the time of the October 15, 1996 hearing, Vessels Oil & Gas Company filed a Motion to Dismiss the  Application.


                        10.  Based on the lack of appearance by the Applicant at the October 15, 1996 hearing, the Commission dismissed the Application.



                        NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED, that the application of The Stout Ranch, regarding matters in the Gibson Gulch Federal Unit, is hereby dismissed due to the failure of the Applicant to appear on behalf of the Stout Ranch.


                        IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the provisions contained in the above order shall become effective on the date the order is entered.


                        IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the Commission expressly reserves its right, after notice and hearing, to alter, amend or repeal any and/or all of the above orders.


                        ENTERED this               day of November, 1996, as of October 16, 1996.







Patricia C. Beaver, Secretary


Dated at Suite 801

1120 Lincoln Street

Denver, Colorado  80203

July 25, 2019