Public Comment - Director's Objective Criteria

Written public comments may be submitted to the Commission here. These comments should be specifically directed to developing objective criteria per the statutory section of Senate Bill 19-181 Sec. 10 34-60-106 (2.5) (a). The draft criteria are published here.

The comment period closes at 5:00 p.m. MDT April 29, 2019, which allow COGCC to review and evaluate comments prior to finalizing the objective criteria on or before May 19, 2019 as required by the bill.

Due to the volume of comments received the Commission cannot respond to individual comments.

Submitted comments must be approved first and will be viewable within a few days. Comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the COGCC, the State of Colorado, or any associated agencies. Due to the volume of comments received the Commission cannot respond individually to every comment.

Recent Comments

Alternative Location AnalysisSetbacks from populated and sensitive areas such as schools should be kept at 1000 feet or more. Th ...GreeleyCO09/17/2019
Cumulative ImpactsI have lived in the Greeley-Evans area for over 60 years, watching the oil/natural gas industry go ...EvansCO09/17/2019
Cumulative ImpactsI have lived in Colorado for 30 years. I am an avid hiker and walker. when I exercise I like to bre ...WindsorCO09/16/2019
FlowlineIt is important to know that just last year a very comprehensive Flowline Rulemaking occurred. The ...LittletonCO09/16/2019
Mission ChangeIt is important to know that the COGCC Rules governing Oil & Gas operations prior to the passage of ...LittletonCO09/16/2019
FlowlineI believe we have far too many spills going on in Weld County. What are you going to do if the stor ...Greeleyco09/15/2019
Cumulative ImpactsWe are about 2 blocks from a big oil/gas dig/storage and the air is really dirty. We first noticed ...Greeleyco09/15/2019
FlowlineThank you David Williams for your comment. I strongly agree that we do not need more rules and reg ...GreeleyCO09/15/2019
Mission ChangeI wholeheartedly support this new mission. I think only greedy governments will not support it. The ...JohnstownCO09/15/2019
Cumulative ImpactsRegional impacts should be considered when addressing cumulative impacts, perhaps on a county basis ...JohnstownCO09/15/2019

Additional Comments

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