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DocNum: 200222149 Date Rec'd: 11/17/2009
Operator: EDDY OIL COMPANY Oper. No. 26420
Company Rep.


Well Name/No.



NWNW  26 T4N  R65W  6

Fac.ID: 244055  Fac.Type: WELL 
API number: 05-123 -11848 County


COGCC Rep: John  Axelson Phone:

(303 ) 637-7178

Alleged Violation(s):

Date of Alleged Violation:  9/1/2009 Approx. time of violation:  
 COGCC received a complaint from Mr. Norman Anderson in August 2009, regarding concerns that his domestic water well had been impacted by nearby oil and gas wells. COGCC collected a water sample from the well (DWR Permit #280098) on August 11, 2009. The water sample contained 17 mg/L dissolved methane and results of isotopic composition confirmed a thermogenic gas source. As a result, COGCC requested all oil & gas operators with wells within a half mile of the impacted water well to perform bradenhead tests. The bradenhead test performed at the Dupper #2 on October 1, 2009, indicated a hole in the production casing. COGCC collected a bradenhead gas sample from the well on the same date. The isotopic composition of the bradenhead gas sample was nearly identical to the sample collected from the Anderson water well. Based on this data, COGCC concluded that the apparent release from the Dupper #2 is the source of thermogenic impact to the Anderson water well.
Act, Order, Regulation, Permit Conditions Cited:
 Rule 324A.a., Rule 324A.b., Rule 906.a.
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Performed by Operator
 Provide the Anderson residence located at 22063 County Road 42, LaSalle, Colorado 80645 with an alternate potable water supply to be used for drinking water, household use, landscape and livestock watering. Provide the means to convey the alternate water supply to the residence. Water supply shall be of sufficient quality and quantity to meet normal household needs. Submit a Form 27 to COGCC documenting the proposed alternate water supply with a schedule to provide the water supply. The Form 27 shall also include a plan for mitigation and monitoring of the release associated with the Dupper #2.
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Completed by:  12/31/2009
This section to be completed by Operator when alleged violation is corrected
Company Comments:
Company Rep:   Title:  
Signature?   Date:    12/14/2010 3:13:23 PM
COGCC Signature? Y Date:  11/15/2009 10:00:00 AM  
Resolution approved by: JOHN AXELSON Title: 

Final Resolution
Date Case Closed? Letter Sent? COGCC person
9/3/2010 Y John Axelson

Eddy Oil reimbursed Mr. Anderson for the full cost of a replacement water well. The Dupper #2 well was plugged and abandoned. Eddy Oil reached agreement with COGCC in August 2010 resulting in an AOC (Reference Cause No. 1V, Order No. 1V-349), whereby a fine in the amount of $46,200 was issued for rule violations associated with the release.

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