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DocNum: 200127625 Date Rec'd: 3/5/2008
Operator: BERRY PETROLEUM COMPANY Oper. No. 10091
Address: 950 17TH ST STE 2400  DENVER , CO 80202
Company Rep.


Well Name/No.

CHEVRON  12-213D


SWNW  12 T6S  R97W  6

Fac.ID: 278787  Fac.Type: WELL 
API number: 05-045 -10938 County


COGCC Rep: Chris  Canfield Phone:

(970 ) 216-6832

Alleged Violation(s):

Date of Alleged Violation:  11/28/2007 Approx. time of violation:  
 On 01-21-2008, Berry Petroleum notified the COGCC of the release of an unknown volume of drilling fluids from a reserve pit at the subject location. At that time, the Operator also described a series of two prior releases from the same pit and their resulting countermeasures including two unsuccessful attempts to repair the pit liner (prior to 01-19-2008), construction of a sump to intercept & recover some of the fluids, & environmental sampling. The dates of discovery for each of the releases were reported to be 11-28-2007, 12-19-2007, & 01-19-2008. The subject releases have impacted Waters of the State in a tributary to Garden Gulch & currently threaten to impact Garden Gulch. Prior to 01-21-208, Berry Petroleum had not notified the NRC, the COGCC, & the CDPHE-WQCD as required.
Act, Order, Regulation, Permit Conditions Cited:
 324.A.a., 324.A.b., 902.a., 906.a., 906.b.(1), 906.b(2), 906.b(3), 906.e(2), 907.a(1), 907.a(2)
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Performed by Operator
 1. Provide written explanation of why the releases were not reported verbally in a timely manner as required by Rule 906.b. 2. Provide written explanation of why Spill/Release Reports (Form 19) were not submitted to the COGCC as required by Rule 906.b. 3. Submit written explanation of how reporting will occur in the future to avoid similar violations. 4. Submit a Spill/Release Report (Form 19) for each of the subject releases. 5. Consult with, and mitigate impacts to, surface owners and surface lessees including those located along Garden Gulch above Parachute Creek. 5. Consult with CDOW on assessing potential or actual impacts to trout habitat in Garden Gulch and at the confluence of Garden Gulch and Parachute Creek. 4. Continue development of a revised Site Investigation & Remediation Work Plan (Form 27), originally submitted on 02-14-2008, in consultation with the COGCC.
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Completed by:  3/28/2008
This section to be completed by Operator when alleged violation is corrected
Company Comments:
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Signature?   Date:    11/14/2013 11:01:12 AM
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Resolution approved by: CHRIS CANFIELD Title: 

Final Resolution
Date Case Closed? Letter Sent? COGCC person
11/14/2013 Y Chris Canfield

See Order 1V-372

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