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Pratt  - #450929 Information                                  Status: AC
Location ID: 450929 Location Name/No: Pratt /29H-P168-TCA
Location Status: AC Status Date: 6/2/2017
Operator Name: CRESTONE PEAK RESOURCES OPERATING LLC Operator Number: 10633
County: WELD  - #123 Location: NESW  29 1N68W
Facility Type: LOCATION Lat/Long: 40.02045/-105.028317
Form 2A Document #: 401244002 Form 2A Expiration: 6/1/2020
Location Inventory
Special Purpose Pits:0 Drilling Pits:0 Wells:0 Production Pits:0
Condensate Tanks:0 Water Tanks:0 Separators:0 Electric Motors:0
Gas or Diesel Motors:0 Cavity Pumps:0 LACT Unit:0 Pump Jacks:0
Electric Generators:0 Gas Pipeline:0 Oil Pipeline:0 Water Pipeline:0
Gas Compressors:0 VOC Combustor:0 Oil Tanks:0 Dehydrator Units:0
Multi-Well Pits:0 Pigging Station:0 Flare:0 Fuel Tanks:0
This location will be used for temporary fresh water storage in 500 bbl enclosed containers, produced water storage in 500 bbl enclosed containers and may utilize up to 2 MLVTs for fresh water storage. Fresh water will be sourced by a third party and piped into location using surface pipelines. Produced water will be hauled to a licensed commercial disposal facility. Otherwise, no perminant pipelines will be installed at this location.:1

Sorry, no associated wells could be found.