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L27 496 Pad  - #441279 Information                      
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Facility ID: 441279 Facility Name / No: L27 496 Pad / 441279
Operator Name / No: ENCANA OIL & GAS (USA) INC / 100185 Facility Status / Date: CL / (11/17/2015)
County Name / No: GARFIELD  / 045 Location: NWSW  27 4S96W
Field Name / No: WILDCAT  / 99999 Lat / Long: 39.671126 / -108.159609
Pit Use: MULTI-WELL PIT Offsite Disposal: N/A
Existing Site Conditions
Sensitive Area: Land Use:
Dist. to Water Source: Surface Water:
Dist. to Ground Water: Water Wells:
Pit Design and Construction Data
Size of PIT (feet): Depth: 15
Length: 390 Width: 85
Calc. PIT
Capacity (bbls/day):
Daily Disposal
Rates (bbls/day)
Evap:  Perc:
PIT Type: MULTI-WELL PIT Liner Material: HDPE   Thickness:60
Treatment Method: Separator    
Pit Covering Fence: YES Net: YES
Comment: Pit Facility created based on approved form 15 (for a multi-well pit). Form 15 was approved on 8/29/2011 and entered as doc #1642060. Although a pit facility ID number was assigned on paper, the Facility ID # was never generated. Pit was constructed on location of closed pit #414443 in 2011. A variance was approved to extend the permit of this pit to August 29, 2015. Note: Because no new pit Facility number had been generated, the variance referred to the closed pit #414443. In fact, variance applies to the permitted pit (newly created pit facility #441279). EnCana must submit a form 27 work plan to close the pit #441279 by Aug 29, 2015. ------ Pit Facility #441279 has been closed in accordance with REM #9214. No Further Action is Required regarding the closure of this pit.