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DEVER A PAD  - #295547 Information                      
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Facility ID: 295547 Facility Name / No: DEVER A PAD /
Operator Name / No: URSA OPERATING COMPANY LLC / 10447 Facility Status / Date: CL / (8/2/2013)
County Name / No: GARFIELD  / 045 Location: SWSE  18 6S92W
Field Name / No: MAMM CREEK  / 52500 Lat / Long: 39.52197 / -107.7088
Pit Use: Offsite Disposal: N/A
Existing Site Conditions
Sensitive Area: Y Land Use: NON CROP LAND
Dist. to Water Source: Surface Water:
Dist. to Ground Water: Water Wells:
Pit Design and Construction Data
Size of PIT (feet): Depth: 5
Length: 20 Width: 20
Calc. PIT
Capacity (bbls/day):
Daily Disposal
Rates (bbls/day)
Evap:  Perc: 0
PIT Type: Liner Material: HDPE   Thickness:60
Treatment Method:    
Pit Covering Fence: Net:
Comment: In early 2009, Antero closed the pit. Liner was sent to Garfield County landfill, and pit backfilled w/o confirmation samples. In early 2013, Antero excavated the pit, removed impacted material and properly disposed it in landfill, and took confirmation samples. Pit closure is now in compliance. The project has been closed. C Lujan, 08/02/2013.