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Date Rec'd: 6/25/2010 Method Received:   
DocNum: 200257773 Routed to Agency:  
Complaint Type: API number:   05-123-07537

Complainant Information

Name: Greg Robinson
Address:   ,   
Date Received: 6/25/2010
Connection to Incident: Surface owner

Description of Complaint:

Oper. No.


Date of Incident: 6/25/2010
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.  
County Name: WELD
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: SWNE section: 34 township: 2N range: 67W meridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     FENCING Assigned To:    Jim Precup Status:     Resolved     5/10/2010
Description: Complainant has a property with livestock sharing the wellsite. Complainant complained that the Operator did some remedial work on the well and removed the stock fence. He also complained about damage to an access gate on his property fence. Complainant mentioned that operator was working on the tank battery and damaged some of his property with tire ruts. He mentioned that KP did not use porta pots. Complainant wanted to know if the operator was going to sell the wells as he has never seen the wells and battery in such good condition. He wants the stock fence replaced, the access gate repaired, and the tire ruts leveled.
Resolution: All complaints have been handled. No additional complaints have been received concerning this matter from the complainant.
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Other Notifications
Date:    6/25/2010 Agency:    KP Kauffman Contact:    Dennis Kuhn
Response or Details
Jim Precup inspected the well and battery sites and found old damage to their access gate on the north side of the property. There was also a stock fence removed on the well located on the south side of the property. There was evidence of tire ruts on the well battery site due to replacement of a production tank and berm repair. Jim Precup contacted Dennis Kuhn and discussed the issues with him. He said that all the requests could be handled, however he would need 7 to 10 days to schedule them in.
Date:    6/25/2010 Agency:    surface owner Contact:    Greg Robinson
Response or Details
Denny Kuhn contacted Jim Precup on 5/10/2010 and told him that all of the requests had been handled. Jim Precup then contacted Greg Robinson and told him that it had been taken care of. Mr. Robinson did not voice otherwise.

Final Resolution
Date Case Closed? Letter Sent? COGCC person
5/10/2010 Y Jim Precup

All complaints have been handled. No additional complaints have been received concerning this matter from the complainant.

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