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Date Rec'd: 5/13/2010 Method Received:   
DocNum: 200252028 Routed to Agency:  
Complaint Type: API number:   05-123-31432

Complainant Information

Name: Cynthia Burkhart
Address: 9309 WCR 104  Nunn , CO 
Date Received: 5/13/2010
Connection to Incident: adjacent landowner

Description of Complaint:

Oper. No.


Date of Incident: 5/13/2010
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.  
County Name: WELD
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: SESE section: 16 township: 9N range: 67W meridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     NOISE Assigned To:    Ed Binkley Status:     Resolved     2/1/2013
Description: The drilling rig has not disturbed us until this morning at 3 am when pipe handling caused us to wake up and not be able to sleep. Complaint was voiced to operator and the COGCC via Stuart.
Resolution: Closed complaint based on findings recorded in complaint form by Ed Binkley. No obvious Rule violations noted
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Other Notifications
Date:    6/4/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Arrive at Ensign 14 at 09:30. Visit with Company Representative about approximate time left on location for rig, well was at TD and were about to start logging operations, should be done June 7th or 8th. Check noise barrier, gaps had been closed up and additional bales put up on south end of barrier. Obtained noise reading adjacent to house. Average reading over 15 minutes from 10:00 to 10:15 was 57.6 on C scale.Seen complaintant in yard, drove in to visit. Gave complaintant update on rig operations, listened to their concerns.Depart complaintants house at 11:45
Date:    5/25/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Dave Hoffman
Response or Details
Arrive at Ensign 14 at 15:00, visit with Company Representative Dave Hoffman about fixing gap in noise barrier hay bales. He stated they should be able to do that now that conditions had dried out. Very windy no attempt at noise readings. Seen vehicles at complaintant's house and gate was unlocked, knocked on door several times and waited, no one answered door.
Date:    5/20/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Arrive at 06:30 to obtain noise reading. Reading was taken adjacent to Complaintant house due to locked gate. Average noise reading over 15 minutes, 06:45 to 07:00 was 60.7 on C scale. Noise barrier of hay bales was in place. Some gaps in noise barrier due to trying to stack hay bales in extremely muddy conditions. Company Representative had been up most of night and was sleeping
Date:    5/20/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Bo Brown visited site after hay bales were stacked on east side of location. Readings adjacent the house averaged 60.7 dbC. Wind was SW 2.5 mph variable and temperature 55 F.
Date:    5/19/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Working on getting hay bales installed by delayed slightly by mud and heavy rain and high wind. Noise readings take at 04:00 am, 48F, wind variable from south 1-2.5 mph. Noise at 350' east of rig ranged 51-52 dbA and at adjacent the Burkhart residence about 0.4 mile east of rig range 59.8-64 dbC with average 61.5 dbC. Noise from rig was heard but rig was circulating and waiting for daylight to start connections and trip.
Date:    5/19/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Went to Ensign 14 to obtain noise reading. Due to windy conditions unable to obtain accurate noise reading. Hay bales for nosie barrier had not arrived on location but were in route as per Company Representative.Noise barrier would be placed as soon as hay bales arrive. No contact with complaintant, no one home
Date:    5/18/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Early morning noise reading were recorded at 08:15 am, calm wind variable from E 1.2-2.5 mph and temperature 58F. Readings at 350' ranged 36.8-39.8 dbA, and readings adjacent the Burkhart house ranged 34.6-40.6 dbA and 52.6-63.7 dbC. The hoisting and connection noise was the the upper range and less then 1 minute in cyclic duration. The average noise load at the residence is 56.6 dbC. The roads are extremely muddy. The noise level is within rule 802 guideline and the operator is renewing plans to install hay bales east of rig on location to help suppress cyclic noise.
Date:    5/17/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Mike said the hay bales were not install since the Burkharts indicated it was not necessary until the noise seemed to bother them again this morning. Management approval has been gained to install hay bales for noise suppression. Rain has created and extremely muddy environment and the hay is scheduled to be install on Wednesday May 19.
Date:    5/17/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
The Burkharts called Rubicon complaining about rig noise last night. Discussed with management about installing hay bales again and was given approval. Plan to install hay bales on east edge of location on May 19,2010 weather permitting. The access road are extremely muddy with recent heavy rain. This action was delayed based upon comments from the Burkharts.
Date:    5/14/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Discussed hay bale installation with management. Also discussed the idea with Burkharts and they said the noise level last night was accepitble. The rig was drilling and making occassional connections. Therefore the hay bale installation was discontinued.
Date:    5/13/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Oil and Gas Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
We have attempted to rig up with motor noise away from any residence and discussed with the Burkhart's possible solutions such as hay bales behind their home or motel accomodations. We are willing to work to reasonably find a solution to the noise problem and will minimize pipe handling and use of fork lift from 10 pm and 6 am.
Date:    5/13/2010 Agency:    Rubicon Contact:    Mike Bader
Response or Details
Mike and I visited the Burkharts about 6pm. They indicated there was no problem with the drilling only the pipe handling and banging during trip for bit operations. Mike said he wanted to work with the Burkharts by discussing options for noise control with the management such as installing hay bales or offering motel accomodations. Mike discussed hay bale placement and white noise to help dampen the noise during sleeping hours. He planned to control pipe handling and fork lift operations to daytime hours and minimize trip for bit operations at night as much as possible.
Date:    5/13/2010 Agency:    COGCC Contact:    Margaret Ash
Response or Details
Margaret Ash received voice mail transfer from Stuart Ellsworth in morning on 5-13-10. Voice mail was from Cynthia Burkhart complaining about noise. M. Ash contacted Ed Binkely and instructed Ed to contact Burkhart's and conduct a noise survey. Ed visited site and conducted noise survey tht afternoon. Readings did not exceed levels as allowed in rules.

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