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Date Rec'd: 4/28/2010 Method Received:   
DocNum: 200245188 Routed to Agency:  
Complaint Type: API number:   05-123-24926

Complainant Information

Name: Isabel Vargo
Address: WCR 25.5  Platteville , CO 
Date Received: 4/28/2010
Connection to Incident: land owner

Description of Complaint:

Oper. No.


Date of Incident: 4/28/2010
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.  
County Name: WELD
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: NWNW section: 31 township: 4N range: 66W meridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     ROADS Assigned To:    Ed Binkley Status:     Resolved     2/1/2013
Description: Lease and farm roads damaged when well was recompleted in wet weather conditions pulling workover rig into location.
Resolution: Closed based on findings recorded in complaint by Ed Binkley
Letter Sent?:     N Report Links:     

Other Notifications
Date:    4/29/2010 Agency:    Merit Contact:    Joe Sevenski
Response or Details
Merit is in process for repairing and gravelling roads when weather permits proper grading.
Date:    4/29/2010 Agency:    Merit Contact:    Joe Sevenski
Response or Details
Site visit indicates operator has installed gravel on south part of access and the location has been ripped. Merit plans to dump addtional gravel on ROW to finish job when road moisture allows proper grading. North access is restricted to pumper traffic only by landower because of irrigation ponds in close proximity of road.

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