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Date Rec'd: 4/7/2010 Method Received:   
DocNum: 200241415 Routed to Agency:  
Complaint Type: API number:   05-123-14957

Complainant Information

Name: Melinda Brenimer
Address: P.O. Box 585  Fort Lupton , Co 80621
Date Received: 4/7/2010
Connection to Incident: Land Owner

Description of Complaint:

Oper. No.


Date of Incident: 4/7/2010
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.  
County Name: WELD
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: NESW section: 8 township: 2N range: 65W meridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     WEEDS Assigned To:    Jim Precup Status:     In Process
Description: On 6-11-2009 I was contacted by Melinda Brenimer about a weed problem she was trying to resolve on her property. She said that she had been trying to deal with it for years but was having no success resolving the issue. She said that the problem had been caused by a well being operated by Noble and was a result of Noble not dealing with weeds on their well and battery site. I told her I would have a look at the property and get back to her.

Other Notifications
Date:    4/7/2010 Agency:    Noble Contact:    Brian DerRose
Response or Details
Contacted in regard to the weed issue. He told me that he was handling the problem.
Date:    4/7/2010 Agency:     Contact:    Melinda Brenimer
Response or Details
Surface Owner. Melinda initiated the complaint and asked me to help her with the issues of weeds spreading.
Date:    4/7/2010 Agency:    Noble Contact:    Brian Derose
Response or Details
I went out to the site and looked at the surface owners property and the well and battery site. There was clearly a weed issue. I checked the records and found that the well was inspected on 8/1/2005 Doc # 200074481, and 6/6/2006 Doc # 200091877. On both of these dates the surface owner had indicated to the inspector that there was a weed problem. The inspector had previously failed the inspection in 2005. I contacted Brian Derose and did a site visit with him. He indicated that he knew of the issue and was working with Melinda to resolve the problem. I suggested that he do a cutting before the weeds went to seed and then spray to irradicate the continuing growth. I also indicated that this may have to be done more than once as there were was a considerable spread of the weeds.
Date:    4/7/2010 Agency:    Surface Owner Contact:    Melinda Brenimer
Response or Details
I contacted Melinda and told her that I had visited with Brian and that he was going to give her a call and tell her how Noble was going to deal with the issue. I thought that there were not going to be any problems, and that the issue of weed control was going to be resolved satisfactorly. In august I again talked to Melinda and found out that she was having problems getting the weed issue resolved to her satisfaction I then called Brian Derose and he said that there had indeed been some problems, but that they felt they had a plan based on the best way to deal with the weeds. He said he would again talk to Melinda and straighten out the problem. I was contacted by Melinda and asked to do a formal docuementation of the problem as she was concerned that this problem would take a considerable amount of time to remedy the weed issue. I told her I would do so if she would send me a time line of her discussions with Noble and myself. I regretably did not follow up with the proper docuementation and was contacted by email asking where it was in the system. I told Melinda that I was indeed in error and that I would place the docuementation into a formal complaint. The following is her time line informatiion. Melinda Brenimer PO Box 585 Ft Lupton, CO 80621 James Precup COGCC Jim, This is a summary of the communication I have had in regard to the thistle on my property. Wk of May 27th, 2009 I called Brian DeRose –my landman with Noble – I asked Brian about mowing or spraying thistle. Brian said he would have to look at the property and had concerns that mowing would be a yearly event. I said yes since the property had been allowed to reseed from the weeds since 1999. Patina had been the previous operator. Thistle has about 10,000 seeds per plant so there is a tremendous seed bed in the ground and the thistle has spread way beyond the wellhead. Brian said he would have to get back to me. I was leaving town for a week. The weeds are heading out at this point. Brian called back while I was on vacation and left a message to call him as he had gone out to look at the property. 6-9 09 I left a message for Brian re: weeds. I also left a message to see if the grass seeding took last year per Glenn Miller. 6 11 09 called Brian DeRose – L/M 4:47 PM Weeds are going to seed as a result of rain- more than usual this year. 6/11/09 Called Jim Precup – COGCC 6/12/09 Left message for Brian 6/12/09 Jim called back – will look at property; said oil companies do have to mow yearly if there is a weed problem. 6/12/09 Brian called – will talk with someone higher up in Noble. I told him weeds are going to seed. 6/15/09 Left message for Brian 6/16/09 Left message for Brian. During this time Jim Precup spoke with Noble. 6/16/09 Brain called and said he had hired Centennial Ag Supply – Larry Moir to manage the weeds. I talked with Larry. Brian told me Centennial will watch the weeds rather than have me call each time. 7/22 /09 Thistle is coming up again – about 1/3 have gone to seed. Called Larry Moir and told him weeds were setting seed. Larry arranged mowing 2 days later. 8/10/09 I noticed an area behind the Tank Battery had been missed on the mowing. 8/12/09 Larry must have seen the area behind the wellhead that was missed and arranged to have the area mowed. 100% of those weeds had gone to seed. 8/31/09 L/M with Centennial. It sounded like someone else answered Larry’s extension. 8/31/09 Called Jim Precup with COGCC. Jim returned my call and is calling Noble.

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