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Date Rec'd: 3/22/2010 Method Received:   
DocNum: 200236511 Routed to Agency:  
Complaint Type: API number:   05-123-29876

Complainant Information

Name: Troy Swain
Address: 1555 N. 17th Ave  Greeley , CO 80631
Date Received: 3/22/2010
Connection to Incident: Weld County Dept. Health

Description of Complaint:

Oper. No.


Date of Incident: 3/22/2010
Type of Facility: WELL
Well Name/No.  
County Name: WELD
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: NESW section: 32 township: 12N range: 61W meridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     Assigned To:    John Axelson Status:     Resolved     4/15/2010
Description: Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment received anonymous complaint that oil field waste had been dumped in a field at the intersection of CR 95 & 96.
Resolution: Bentonitic fluids were incorporated into native soils.
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Other Notifications
Date:    3/22/2010 Agency:    COGCC Contact:    John Axelson
Response or Details
Met property owner at 47021 County Road 95, Briggsdale, CO 80611 who gave COGCC permission to inspect property. Observed area in flat field to north of residence where bentonitic drilling fluids had been applied. It appeared that application had been done in compliance with COGCC Rule 907.d.(3)B with the exception of 10-days to incorporate. Landowner thought the fluids had been applied in December 09' and indicated they planned on incorporating fluids into native soil as soon as weather allowed. Fluids had dried and there did not appear to be any threat of off-site migration.
Date:    3/19/2010 Agency:    PetroCanda Contact:    Rick Eggleston
Response or Details
Sent inspection to PetroCanada (#200236172)with corrective action as follows: Incorporate bentonitic drilling fluids into native soil as soon as possible. Notify COGCC when complete.
Date:    3/18/2010 Agency:    PetroCanda Contact:    Rick Eggleston
Response or Details
Rick indicated that PetroCanda had applied bentonitic drilling fluids to a field in area near CR 95&96. He believed that fluids were generated from one of the Loyd Farms wells.

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