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   CATAMOUNT ENERGY PARTNERS LLC    EBC 4   WELL#: 465162   Status:PR as of 1/18/2020   NENW 28 34N 5W ARCHULETA COUNTY
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Type Source Conditions of Approval
Best Management Practices
1)Operator shall provide cement coverage from the production casing shoe (7" FIRST
STRING) to a minimum of 200' above the surface casing shoe to provide isolation of all
oil, gas, and water-bearing sandstone and coalbed formations that are not otherwise
covered by surface casing. Verify production casing cement coverage with a cement
bond log.
2) If borehole problems occur while drilling and an unplanned sidetrack is required, the
following shall apply:
a.) Before proceeding, contact the COGCC Engineer for verbal approval and provide an
explanation as to what happened to the original borehole and what the plan is for the
Contact Information:
Alicia Duran – Area Engineer
303-894-2100 x 5690
303-548-7396 cell
b.) Adhere to the instructions provided in the “UNPLANNED Sidetrack While Drilling:
Approval and Reporting Process – Southwestern Colorado San Juan Basing ONLY”
that can be found on the COGCC website at:
Go to COGCC Web Site for more details if necessary
Regulation, Forms, Form 2-Permit to Drill, Instructions
3) Contact COGCC Engineer – Alicia Duran when encountering kicks requiring a mud
weight increase of 0.5 ppg to control the kick, unexpected water flows, and unexpected
Hydrogen Sulfide.

COGIS - Best Management Practices COGIS - Best Management Practices Results

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Drilling/Completion Operations
Rule 317.p: One of the first wells drilled on the pad will be logged with open-hole resistivity log with gamma-ray, from TD into the surface casing. All wells on the pad will have a cement bond log (CBL) with gamma-ray run on production casing (or on intermediate casing if production liner is run) into the surface casing. The Form 5, Completion Report, for each well on the pad will list all logs run and have those logs attached.The Form 5 for a well without open-hole logs will s tate “No open-hole logs were run” and will clearly identify the type of log and the well (by API#) in which openhole logs were run.