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   LARAMIE ENERGY LLC    CC 0697-04-08E   WELL#: 455745   Status:PR as of 1/14/2020   Lot 12 4 6S 97W GARFIELD COUNTY
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Type Source Conditions of Approval
Best Management Practices
1)Operator shall comply with the most current revision of the Northwest Colorado Notification Policy. 

2)Operator shall comply with the most current revision of the Garfield County Rulison Field Notice to Operators, with the following exception: All field notice requirements specified in that Notice to Operators are superseded by the requirements of the most current revision of the Northwest Colorado Notification Policy (see Condition of Approval #1).

3)Operator shall provide cement coverage from the production casing shoe (4+1/2" FIRST STRING) to 200' above the Wasatch G formation due to offset Wasatch G Sand production and Fort Union UIC injection within one mile of the wells on this pad. Verify production casing cement coverage with a cement bond log. 

4)The Operator shall monitor the bradenhead pressure of the proposed well and all offset wells under Operatorís control which penetrate the stimulated formation and have a treated interval separation of 300 feet or less. Monitoring shall occur from 24 hours prior to stimulation and shall continue until 24 hours after stimulation is complete. Recording shall be at a frequency of at least once per 24 hours with the capability of recording the maximum pressure observed during each 24 hour period. Operator shall notify COGCC Engineering staff if bradenhead pressures increase by more than 200 psig.

COGIS - Best Management Practices COGIS - Best Management Practices Results

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Drilling/Completion Operations
Drilling/Completion BMP One of the first wells drilled on the pad will be logged with open-hole Resistivity Log and Gamma Ray Log from TD into the surface casing. All wells on the pad will have a cement bond log with gamma-ray run on production casing (or on intermediate casing if production liner is run) into the surface casing. The Form 5, Completion Report, for each well on the pad will list all logs run and have those logs attached. The Form 5 for a well without open-hole logs will state "No open-hole logs were run" and will clearly identify the type of log and the well (by API#) in which open-hole logs were run.