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   NOBLE ENERGY INC    WELLS RANCH USX BB 3-13   WELL#: 292216   Status:PA as of 2/28/2017   SWSW 3 5N 63W WELD COUNTY
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Best Management Practices
1) Provide 48 hour notice of plugging MIRU via electronic Form 42. 
2) For the 621 plug: pump plug and displace. If surface casing plug is not circulated to surface then tag plug  must be at 471 or shallower and provide 10 sx plug at the surface. Leave at least 100 of cement in the casing for each plug.
3) Properly abandon flowlines as per Rule 1103. File electronic Form 42 once abandonment complete.
4) Prior to starting plugging operations a Bradenhead test shall be performed. If the beginning pressure is greater than 25 psi, or if pressure remains at the conclusion of the test, or if any liquids were present contact COGCC Engineering for sampling requirements. The Form 17 shall be submitted within 10 days of the test.
5) Submit RBL with Subsequent Form 6, after squeeze job is complete to confirm cement behind pipe. 

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