Local Government

COGCC’s Local Government Designee (LGD) Program offers collaboration between local governments and COGCC in matters concerning oil and gas development. The passage of SB19-181 and the associated Mission Change Rulemaking established new regulatory relationships between COGCC and local governments. One of the primary changes associated with SB19-181 is that it enables local governments to have increased oversight of land use related oil and gas activities in their communities. This includes COGCC involvement early on in local permitting and siting processes and recognition that operators must comply with the most protective regulations.

Who is involved:
Participation in the LGD Program allows a local government the opportunity to designate a specific individual (their LGD) as their “point person” regarding oil and gas matters. The LGD program is open to any county, home rule or statutory city, town, territorial charter city or city and county, or any special district established pursuant to the Special District Act; however, individual citizens are not eligible to participate.

Please click HERE to see if your local government is one of the approximately 160 Colorado local governments that currently participate in the program with an LGD.

How to Participate:
Enrollment in the program (or changes to a participating local government’s previously submitted information) requires the submittal of a COGCC Form 29. COGCC improved the LGD participation registration process in 2020 by making submittal of the Form 29 an entirely online process via the COGCC website. The Form 29 allows a LGD to customize the notifications they receive from COGCC. Available notices are listed below.

Access to the Form 29 is available HERE.

Access to the Form 29 instructions are available HERE.

MOUs and IGAs:
Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) are formal agreements between parties that explain how the parties agree to cooperate to achieve a common purpose. A MOU provides details about each party’s responsibilities and authority to act under the MOU.

MOUs and IGAs have been established with the following Local Governments:

Local Government Contact Information

Local Government Meetings