Local Government & COGCC Local Governmental Designee Program

Established via rulemaking in 1992 and bolstered by the passage and implementation of Senate Bill 19-181 in early 2019 under the Polis Administration, COGCC’s nationally unique Local Governmental Designee (LGD) Program offers participating local governments various rights, powers, access to information and notifications, and other COGCC rule-based opportunities for local governments.

The COGCC LGD Program is a prime example of Colorado’s regulatory process that provides direct avenues for collaboration between local governments and COGCC in matters concerning oil and gas development.

Participation in the LGD Program allows a local government (County, Town or City, or Special District) the opportunity to designate a specific individual (their LGD) as their “point person” regarding oil and gas matters. The selection of the LGD is entirely up to the local government, not COGCC.

Please click HERE to see if your local government is one of the approximately 160 Colorado local governments that currently participate in the program with an LGD.

Participation in the program (or changes to a participating local government’s previously submitted information) is attained by submittal of a COGCC Form 29. Access to the Form 29 (and instructions) are available HERE.

COGCC improved the LGD participation registration process in 2020 by making submittal of the Form 29 an entirely online process via the COGCC website.

For additional information, please see the LGD Program Fact Sheet (revised in 2020) for more information participating in the LGD program.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Megan Castle
Communications Director
Mobile: (303) 513-2713
Office: (303) 894-2100, ext. 5174

Megan Adamcyzk
Office: (303) 894-2100, ext. 5145

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