Complaints Information - Questions and Answers

What should I expect after I file a complaint?

The following are the actions and responses you should expect from the COGCC after you file a complaint:

1. If necessary, COGCC staff will contact you to ask clarifying questions to ensure the complaint is documented accurately and assigned to the correct COGCC technical expert.

2. Within two business days of receiving the complaint, COGCC staff will email you a fact sheet explaining the procedure(s) for investigating type of complaint you have filed or the COGCC technical expert assigned to investigate the complaint will contact you to explain the process.

3. A formal letter will be sent to you when the complaint is closed/resolved. This letter will include actions taken, findings, relevant COGCC document numbers related to the investigation and your rights as a complainant. COGCC strives to close/resolve all complaints within 60 days of receiving the complaint, however some complex or ongoing issues may take longer.