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The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the State of Colorado (“Commission”) is considering amendments to the Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure, 2 C.C.R. 404-1 (“Rules”). On April 16, 2019, Governor Polis signed SB19-181, which changed the mandate of the Commission from fostering oil and gas development to regulating oil and gas development “in a reasonable manner to protect and minimize adverse impacts to public health, safety, and welfare, the environment and wildlife resources.” §34-60-106(2.5)(a), C.R.S. This rulemaking will change the rules and regulations governing the mandate of the Commission.

On May 1st, staff released draft strawdog 800, 900 and 1200 Series Mission Change Rules. The 800, 900 and 1200 Series Rules have not yet been formally noticed, the COGCC wants to hear from members of the public on these draft strawdog Rules. Below is a form to provide thoughts and ideas on how the Commission may approach adopting these Rules that implement SB 19-181’s Mission Change.

Please note, that the Mission Change Rulemaking is not the only rulemaking contemplated by SB 19-181. Additional SB 19-181 rulemakings will be noticed and conducted at a later date. The purpose of the Mission Change rulemaking is to make necessary changes to Commission rules to reflect the Commission’s new mission to regulate the development and production of natural resources of oil and gas in the state of Colorado in a manner that protects public health, safety, welfare, the environment and wildlife, as required by SB 19-181.

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