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1126108-15-198838300IGNACIO BLANCOFRLDCAmends parts of Order No. 112 60 and establishes additional rules for the production of coalbed methane.
1128512-17-199038300IGNACIO BLANCOFRLDCApproves two additional field rules established for all wells producing from the Dakota, Mesaverde, Fruitland Pictured Cliffs, and Fruitland Coal formations to further protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens in the area.
11221005-08-200838300IGNACIO BLANCOFRLDCApproves the request for an order to vacate 320-acre drilling and spacing units and establish various drilling and spacing units and to allow a horizontal well and various optional additional wells, with a bottomhole location no closer than 660 feet to any outer boundary for certain lands in Township 32 North, Ranges 3 through 5 West, N.M.P.M., for the production of gas and associated hydrocarbons from the Fruitland coal seams.
11228304-30-201838300IGNACIO BLANCOFRLDC 
11228710-29-201838300IGNACIO BLANCOFRLDC