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Cause NumberOrder NumberOrder DateField CodeField NameFormationDescription
2322310-19-198190750WATTENBERGJSNDAmends Order 232 20 and allows drilling of an additional well on each 320 acre unit in the area not included in Order 232 20.
4078702-19-1992  CODL, NB-CD, NBRRApproves the request to establish spacing for the Niobrara Formation for certain lands previously spaced for the Codell Formation and to allow the downhole commingling of production from the Codell and Niobrara Formations.
4991511-16-199290750WATTENBERGDKTAApproves the Commission motion to establish 320-acre drilling and spacing units for certain lands previously not spaced in the lands covered by Cause No. 232, for production from the Dakota Formation, to provide for procedures to obtain exceptions to the permitted well locations and to allow the recompletion and downhole commingling of production from the Dakota, "J" Sand, Codell, Niobrara, Sussex and Shannon Formations.