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4101-07-195232300GREASEWOODDSNDGreasewood Sandstone 40 acre; center; 50 foot tolerance.
40737407-08-2010  NBRRApproves the request for an order to establish eleven (11) 640-acre drilling and spacing units consisting of certain lands in Township 6 North, Range 60 West, 6th P.M., Townships 6 and 7 North, Range 61 West, 6th P.M., with the bottom-hole location to be no closer than 460 feet from the unit boundary, for the production of gas and associated hydrocarbons from the Niobrara Formation.
407163803-07-2016  NB-CDApproves Caerus WashCo LLC’s (Operator No. 86610) request for an order to among other things: Establish an approximate 1280-acre drilling and spacing unit and approve up to 28 horizontal wells within the unit, with 24 horizontal wells to be drilled to the Niobrara Formation and four horizontal wells to be drilled to the Codell Formation.