Form 29 - Local Government Designee
The COGCC Series 100 Rules define Local Government and Local Governmental Designee as follows:

LOCAL GOVERNMENT means a county, home rule or statutory city, town, territorial charter city or city and county, or any special district established pursuant to the Special District Act, C.R.S. §32-1-101 to 32-1- 1807 (2013).” 

LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL DESIGNEE means the office designated to receive, on behalf of the local government, copies of all documents required to be filed with the local governmental designee pursuant to these rules.”

Pursuant to the rules of the COGCC, the Local Governmental Designee (LGD) may participate in COGCC procedures on behalf of the local government.

LGD participation is initiated by submittal of a completed Form 29 to the COGCC.

LGD participation includes, but is not limited to, receiving notices and documents, submitting comments and requesting comment period extensions for drilling permit and location assessment applications, requesting meetings and consultations, requesting hearings, and obtaining Geographic Information System (GIS) data for flowlines.

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