January 25, 2015


GWA Wellbore Spacing Unit Rules Guidance (10/20/2014)

GWA operator guidance provides critical Rule 318A.e.(5) compliance information regarding wellbore spacing units.

Amended Rule 906 Now In Effect (02/03/2014)

Amended Rule 906 for Reporting Spills and Releases in effect as of February 1, 2014.

COGCC Enforcement and Penalty Policy Review (01/28/2014)

This document was submitted to the Governor’s Office to fulfill the Commission’s obligations under Executive Order D 2013-004.

Earth Guardians Request for Rulemaking (12/16/2013)

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission received a request for rulemaking from Earth Guardians. The COGCC will consider whether to initiate this rulemaking at the April 28-29 2014 Hearings.

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COGCC Values Statement

The COGCC will earn the trust of the People of Colorado every day.

We conduct our work with integrity, technical excellence, and a commitment to innovation.

We are as committed to protecting public health and the environment as we are to fostering the responsible development of Colorado’s oil and gas resources.

We provide exceptional customer service. We are responsive, fair, and consistent.

We are accountable to one another.

We will improve every day.


Front Range Flood Lessons Learned Rulemaking (01/16/2015)

The Commission will consider additions and amendments to the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure to implement recommendations from the Lessons Learned in the Front Range Flood of Sep 2013

New Public Complaint Process – Begins January 9 (01/08/2015)

The COGCC has revised the public complaint process to simplify filing a complaint, increase transparency, and improve the internal COGCC process. Click "Complaints" at the left for details.

Spill Analysis (08/06/2014)

In an effort to address numerous public inquires related to spill data, COGCC has compiled data through the third quarter of 2014.

1412-RM-02 Enforcement and Penalty Rulemaking (08/05/2014)

The Commission will consider additions and amendments to the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure to implement Executive Order D 2013-004 and HB 14-1356.

1407-RM-01 Clean-up Rulemaking 2014 (06/17/2014)

This "Clean-up Rulemaking" is part of the Commission's review and is designed to make Commission Rules easier to understand and more consistent, effective, and efficient. (Executive Order D 2012-002)

Final Policy on Modular Large Volume Tanks (06/13/2014)

Click here for the final policy on the use of modular large volume tanks in Colorado and supporting stakeholder documentation.

Risk Based Inspection Report to General Assembly (04/15/2014)

Senate Bill 13-202 directs the COGCC to develop recommended strategies to address the environmental risks associated with each phase of oil and gas operations.

Executive Order D 2013-004 - Enforcement Program (04/01/2014)

Executive Order D 2013-004 directs the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to undertake a review of its enforcement program, penalty structure, and imposition of fines.

September 2013 Flood Lessons Learned Final Report (03/17/2014)

On March 14, 2014, COGCC released a report describing "lessons learned" in the Front Range flood of September 2013. The report is located on COGCC's Flood Response Information web page.

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