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DocNum: 200328837 Date Rec'd: 11/17/2011
Address: PO BOX 1032 ATTN: BRAD AMAN  ENID , OK 73703
Company Rep.


Well Name/No.

Hahn  1-4H


SESE  4  T7N  R62W  6

Fac.ID: 424862  Fac.Type: WELL 
API number: 05-123 -34199 County


COGCC Rep: John  Axelson Phone:

(303 ) 637-7178

Alleged Violation(s):

Date of Alleged Violation:  10/18/2011 Approx. time of violation:  12:00:00 PM
 COGCC received four (4) individual complaints from surrounding landowners regarding dumping of drilling fluids and associated cuttings on a property located in the NENE Sec 14, T-8-N, R-61-W located approximately 2.0-miles north from Hwy 14 on the west side of County Road 95. Property is owned by Eloy Carreon and Rosa Perez. COGCC staff John Axelson inspected location on 11/9/11 and 11/15/11. Observed both solids and liquids had been dumped on property. Solids were piled two to three feet high. No equipment was on location to manage the material. No stormwater controls were in place. Immediately adjacent the north side of the placement area is a topographic low where surface water accumulates. Property is in grass with no farming/agricultural activity. Adjacent landowner Mr. Crouse has date stamped photograph showing dumping on property as early as 10/18/11 verifying that the 10 day rule for incorporation into native soil has not been complied with. A small amount of material is being tracked onto CR95. Collected one representative sample of solid waste that appeared to be bentonitic fluids mixed with cuttings. Material exhibited hydrocarbon odor.
Act, Order, Regulation, Permit Conditions Cited:
 Rule 324.A.a; Rule 907.a.(1); Rule 907.d.(3)B; Rule 1002.f.(2)F
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Performed by Operator
 Immediately discontinue use of location for land application until all corrective actions are completed. Provide COGCC with a copy of the written authorization from the surface owner for the land application in accordance with Rule 907.d.(3)Biii. Provide verification from landowner that bentonitic fluids are being received at location specifically as a beneficial soil amendment. Provide record of all waste applied at site in accordance with Rule 907.b.(2) in a readily reviewable format. Information shall include date of transport, generator, transporter, waste pickup site, type and volume of waste, and final disposal site. Install stormwater controls as needed to prevent off-site migration or migration into the topographic low area. If material is being used as a beneficial soil amendment, spread material no more than 3-inches thick and incorporate into native soil. If material is not being used as a beneficial soil amendment, remove from location and properly dispose or treat in accordance with Rule 907.d.(2). If material is incorporated into native soil, collect a sufficient number of representative soil samples after incorporation to verify compliance with Table 910-1. Submit Form 27 with workplan proposing sample location and analyses. If analysis documents impacts greater than Table 910-1 standards, additional corrective actions will be required. Prevent any additional tracking of waste onto County Road 95 in accordance with Rule 1002.f.(2)F and cleanup residual waste on county road. All disturbed areas will require reclamation in accordance with Rule 1004. After corrective actions have been completed, any additional application of bentonitic drilling fluids at location shall be done in strict accordance with Rule 907.d(3)B.
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Completed by:  12/31/2011
This section to be completed by Operator when alleged violation is corrected
Company Comments:
Signature?  Y Date:    12/29/2011
COGCC Signature? Y Date:  11/15/2011 11:00:00 AM  
Resolution approved by: JOHN AXELSON Title: 

Final Resolution
Date Case Closed? Letter Sent? COGCC person
10/1/2013 Y John Axelson

Continental completed all required corrective actions. Refer to Remediation Project #6723 (Doc #1761311) for remediation details. No further action required.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020