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DocNum: 200290815 Date Rec'd: 1/5/2011
Operator: CUTLER BROTHERS Oper. No. 22170
Company Rep.


Well Name/No.



NENE  32 T1S  R66W  6

Fac.ID: 201529  Fac.Type: WELL 
API number: 05-001 -06932 County


COGCC Rep: Jim  Precup Phone:

(303 ) 726-3822

Alleged Violation(s):

Date of Alleged Violation:  12/29/2010 Approx. time of violation:  
 This well was inspected on 12/29/2010 and found to have the following discrepancies : Battery berm under sized. No berm on 2 phase separator. Tanks not placarded correctly. No sign on wellhead. No sign on battery. Oil saturated soil inside battery site. Weeds on well site. Weeds on battery site. Weeds inside skim pit. Junk and trash on well and battery sites. Fence in disrepair on wellhead. Fence in disrepair on battery site. Fence in disrepair on skim pit. Tanks and equipment need painting. Breach in skim pit cover. Lease road in disrepair. No record of skim pit permit. No liner in skim pit. Well not produced since April-2001.
Act, Order, Regulation, Permit Conditions Cited:
 Rule 604.a.(4), Rule 906.e.(1), Rule 210.d.(1)(2), Rule 210.b.(1), Rule 210.b.(2), Rule 906.a.,Rule 603.j., Rule 1003.e.(1), Rule 1003.f., Rule 1004.c.(2), Rule 603.j., Rule 1002.a.(3), Rule 804, Rule 902.d., Rule 1002.e., Rule 903.a., Rule 904.a., Rule 319.b.(3), Rule 326.b.(1),
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Performed by Operator
 Resize battery berm. Place berm around 2 phase separator . Correctly placard tanks . Place sign on the wellhead. Place sign on battery. Paint tanks and equipment. Repair all leaks. Remove or remediate all oil saturated soil from battery site. Control weeds on well and battery sites. Remove junk and trash from well and battery sites. Repair fences on wellhead, battery and skim pit. Repair cover on skim pit so that birds and small animals have no access. Repair lease road. Produce, Plug and abandon or MIT well. Provide record of skim pit permit. If unable to do so, correctly permit skim pit. If you are able to find skim pit permit, line skim pit according to 900 series rules and enclose with a cover sealing all breaches in cover. Clean up soil to table 910-1 concentration levels. Repair all leaks. Remove or remediate all oil saturated soil from well site.
Abatement or Corrective Action Required to be Completed by:  3/30/2011
This section to be completed by Operator when alleged violation is corrected
Company Comments:
Company Rep:   Title:  
Signature?   Date:    7/1/2013 9:34:10 AM
COGCC Signature?  Date:  1/5/2011  
Resolution approved by: JIM PRECUP Title: 

Final Resolution
Date Case Closed? Letter Sent? COGCC person
7/1/2013 Y Jim Precup

This NOAV is outdated. This well has been plugged and abandoned.

Saturday, June 23, 2018