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Conundrum Fee  - #459153 Information                                  Status: AC
Location ID: 459153 Location Name/No: Conundrum Fee /0297-20-15
Location Status: AC Status Date: 11/19/2018
Operator Name: ANSCHUTZ EXPLORATION CORP Operator Number: 3104
County: RIO BLANCO  - #103 Location: SWSE  20 2N97W
Facility Type: LOCATION Lat/Long: 40.123908/-108.298267
Form 2A Document #: 401491307 Form 2A Expiration: 11/18/2021
Location Inventory
Special Purpose Pits:0 Drilling Pits:0 Wells:1 Production Pits:0
Condensate Tanks:0 Water Tanks:2 Separators:1 Electric Motors:0
Gas or Diesel Motors:0 Cavity Pumps:0 LACT Unit:1 Pump Jacks:0
Electric Generators:0 Gas Pipeline:0 Oil Pipeline:0 Water Pipeline:0
Gas Compressors:0 VOC Combustor:1 Oil Tanks:6 Dehydrator Units:0
Multi-Well Pits:0 Pigging Station:0 Flare:1 Fuel Tanks:1
The Conundrum Fee 0297-20-15 well will be a stratigraphic test borehole and Anschutz does not initially intend on producing from it; so no flowlines or pipelines will be required at this time; however, facilities listed above would be placed on this location if results from this stratigraphic test borehole hole indicate economically producable quantities of oil and gas, at which time, flowline and pipeline information would be provided. Based on nearby proposed well pads, flowlines from the wellhead to the separator would be 2 steel. The produced water and oil/condensate flowlines from the separator to the tanks would be 2 steel. All disturbance will be within pad boundaries and existing pipeline rights-of-way. All flowlines will be buried 4 deep.:1
API Number: 05-103-12342 Operator Name: ANSCHUTZ EXPLORATION CORP # 3104 Well Name: Conundrum Fee # 0297-20-15
Well Status: XX     Location: Lot 2820  2N97W