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Good Deal  - #443451 Information                                  Status: AC
Location ID: 443451 Location Name/No: Good Deal / 13
Location Status: AC Status Date: 5/1/2019
Operator Name: WIEPKING-FULLERTON ENERGY LLC Operator Number: 96340
County: LINCOLN  - #073 Location: SWSW  16 10S55W
Facility Type: LOCATION Lat/Long: 39.17375/-103.56364
Form 2A Document #: 400888280 Form 2A Expiration: 10/1/2018
Location Inventory
Special Purpose Pits:0 Drilling Pits:1 Wells:1 Production Pits:0
Condensate Tanks:0 Water Tanks:1 Separators:1 Electric Motors:0
Gas or Diesel Motors:0 Cavity Pumps:0 LACT Unit:0 Pump Jacks:1
Electric Generators:0 Gas Pipeline:0 Oil Pipeline:0 Water Pipeline:0
Gas Compressors:0 VOC Combustor:1 Oil Tanks:1 Dehydrator Units:0
Multi-Well Pits:0 Pigging Station:0 Flare:0 Fuel Tanks:0
From well head one 3" fiberglass pipeline 75' to separator. From separator two 3" fiberglass pipelines to one 300 bbl oil tank and one 300 bbl water tank.:1
API Number: 05-073-06709 Operator Name: WIEPKING-FULLERTON ENERGY LLC # 96340 Well Name: Good Deal # 13
Well Status: PR     Location: SWSW 16  10S55W