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Surface Location Data for API # 05-077-10343                               Status: PR         1/8/2018
Well Name/No: Gunderson #20-10W (click well name for production)
Operator: LARAMIE ENERGY LLC - 10433
Status Date: 1/8/2018 Federal or State Lease #:
FacilityID: 449059 LocationID: 449070
County: MESA #077 Location: NENW  20 9S93W 6 PM
Field: BUZZARD CREEK  - #9500 Elevation: 7,145 ft.
Planned Location       1062 FNL  1975 FWL Lat/Long: 39.266672/-107.795317 Lat/Long Source: Field Measured

Chemical Disclosure Registry
Job Date:         12/12/2017
Job End Date:  12/21/2017
Reported:   1/8/2018 Days to report:  18
Wellbore Data for Sidetrack #00                                                    Status: PR         1/8/2018
Spud Date: 8/5/2017 Spud Date is: NOTICE
Wellbore Permit   DIRECTIONAL
Permit #: Expiration Date: 1/30/2019 8:35:26 PM
Prop Depth/Form: 7657 Surface Mineral Owner Same:
Mineral Owner: FEE Surface Owner: FEE
Unit: Unit Number:
Formation and Spacing: Code: WFILS , Formation: WILLIAMS FORK-ILES , Order: 369-15 , Unit Acreage: 480, Drill Unit: Sec 20; W2, SE
Casing: String Type: CONDUCTOR , Hole Size: 26, Size: 16, Top: 0, Depth: 60, Weight: 112
Cement: Sacks: 120, Top: 0, Bottom: 60, Method Grade:
Casing: String Type: SURF , Hole Size: 11, Size: 8.625, Top: 0, Depth: 1530, Weight: 24.0
Cement: Sacks: 296, Top: 0, Bottom: 1530, Method Grade:
Casing: String Type: 1ST , Hole Size: 7.875, Size: 4.5, Top: 0, Depth: 7657, Weight: 11.6
Cement: Sacks: 1209, Top: 1022, Bottom: 7657, Method Grade:
Wellbore Completed
Completion Date: N/A
Measured TD: Measured PB depth:
True Vertical TD: True Vertical PB depth:
Top PZ Location:           Sec: 20 Twp: 9S 93W Footage: 1985 FFNLL  1302 FFWLL Depth
Bottom Hole Location:   Sec: 20 Twp: 9S 93W Footages: 2361 FNL  1293 FWL Depth
Formation Log Top Log Bottom Cored DSTs
Completed information for formation N-COM                                     Status: DG         8/1/2017
1st Production Date: 8/1/2017 Choke Size:
Status Date: 8/1/2017 Open Hole Completion:
Commingled: Production Method:
Formation Name: NOT COMPLETED Status: DG
Tubing Size: Tubing Setting Depth:
Tubing Packer Depth: Tubing Multiple Packer:
Open Hole Top: Open Hole Bottom:
No Initial Test Data was found for formation N-COM .
No Perforation Data was found for formation N-COM .
Completed information for formation WFCM                                     Status: PR         1/8/2018
1st Production Date: 1/8/2018 Choke Size:
Status Date: 1/8/2018 Open Hole Completion: N
Commingled: N Production Method:
Formation Name: WILLIAMS FORK - CAMEO Status: PR
Formation Treatment Treatment Type: FRACTURE STIMULATION
Treatment Date: 12/12/2017 Treatment End Date: 12/21/2017
Treatment summary: 96,000 BBLS SLICKWATER; NO PROPPANT
Total fluid used in treatment (bbls): 96000 Max pressure during treatment (psi): 6307
Total gas used in treatment (mcf): 0 Fluid density (lbs/gal): 8.34
Type of gas: Number of staged intervals: 10
Total acid used in treatment (bbls): 0 Min frac gradient (psi/ft): 0.77
Recycled water used in treatment (bbls): 80566 Total flowback volume recovered (bbls): 33002
Produced water used in treatment (bbls): 15434 Disposition method for flowback: RECYCLE
Total proppant used (lbs): 0 Green completions techniques utilized: True
Reason green techniques not utilized:
Tubing Size: 2.375 Tubing Setting Depth: 7102
Tubing Packer Depth: Tubing Multiple Packer:
Open Hole Top: Open Hole Bottom:
    Initial Test Data:
Test Date: 1/8/2018 Test Method: FLOWING
Hours Tested: 1 Gas Type: DRY
Gas Disposal: SOLD
Test Type Measure
    BBLS_H2O 27    
    BTU_GAS 1090    
    CALC_BBLS_H2O 640    
    CALC_MCF_GAS 1200    
    CASING_PRESS 1920    
    MCF_GAS 50    
    TUBING_PRESS 1230    
    Perforation Data:
    Interval Bottom: 7524 Interval Top: 5894
    # of Holes: 288 Hole Size: 0.37