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Surface Location Data for API # 05-067-08643                               Status: PR         5/25/2016
Well Name/No: HIGH FLUME #10-10 (click well name for production)
Status Date: 5/25/2016 10:48:56 AM Federal or State Lease #: 142060463
FacilityID: 261543 LocationID: 326657
County: LA PLATA #067 Location: SWSW  10 33N10W N PM
Field: IGNACIO BLANCO  - #38300 Elevation: 6,413 ft.
Planned Location       1194 FSL  1049 FWL Lat/Long: 37.114508/-107.92676 Lat/Long Calculated From Footages
As Drilled Location      Footages Not Available Lat/Long: 37.11412/-107.926887 Lat/Long Source: Field Measured

Chemical Disclosure Registry
Job Date:         5/5/2016
Job End Date:  5/5/2016
Reported:   5/23/2016 Days to report:  18
Wellbore Data for Sidetrack #00                                                    Status: PR         5/25/2016
Spud Date: 11/9/2001 Spud Date is: ACTUAL
Wellbore Permit  
Permit #: 20011875 Expiration Date: 10/18/2002
Prop Depth/Form: Surface Mineral Owner Same: N
Mineral Owner: INDIAN Surface Owner: FEE
Unit: Unit Number:
Formation and Spacing: Code: FRLDC , Formation: FRUITLAND COAL , Order: 112-57 , Unit Acreage: 320, Drill Unit: S/2
Casing: String Type: 1ST , Hole Size: 8.75, Size: 7, Top: , Depth: 2500, Weight: 23
Cement: Sacks: 400, Top: 0, Bottom: 2500, Method Grade:
Casing: String Type: 1ST LINER , Hole Size: 6.25, Size: , Top: , Depth: 2830, Weight:
Cement: Sacks: , Top: , Bottom: , Method Grade:
Wellbore Completed
Completion Date: 11/30/2001
Measured TD: 2862 Measured PB depth: 2862
True Vertical TD: 2862 True Vertical PB depth: 2862
Log Types:
Casing: String Type: CONDUCTOR , Hole Size: 12.25, Size: 9.625, Top: , Depth: 437, Weight: 36
Cement: Sacks: 350, Top: 0, Bottom: 437, Method Grade: CALC
Casing: String Type: SURF , Hole Size: 8.75, Size: 7, Top: , Depth: 2504, Weight: 23
Cement: Sacks: 112, Top: 0, Bottom: 2504, Method Grade:
Formation Log Top Log Bottom Cored DSTs
Completed information for formation FRLDC                                     Status: PR         5/25/2016
1st Production Date: 12/22/2001 Choke Size:
Status Date: 5/25/2016 Open Hole Completion: Y
Commingled: N Production Method:
Formation Name: FRUITLAND COAL Status: PR
Formation Treatment Treatment Type: FRACTURE STIMULATION
Treatment Date: 5/4/2016 Treatment End Date: 5/5/2016
Treatment summary: 5/4/2016 Total of 300,000lbs 20/40 white sand. RU flowback equipment RDMO. Spot in frac equip. RU iron to wellhead. RDMO. Spot in frac equipment. R/U iron to wellhead. 5/5/2016 Press. test lines to 3000psi (max treating press. set @2100psi). Pumped stim @60BPM, using crosslinked gel fluid with sand stages 2-8ppg. Flushed w/ 87bbls clean water (w/BE6) slowing flush rate to 5BPM. Est sand top @2218'. Expedite Lite A & B chemical, add both pumped as designed to completion. Initial well press: vacuum Max press: 1439psi Final: 1358psi 5 min: 1204psi 10min: 1079psi 15min: 952psi Avg press: 911psi Avg Rate: 55.5 BPM Max Rate: 61.4 BPM Total sand: 300,540 lbs Total water: 2,569 bbls Flush lines, rig down hard lines. RDMO frac equip. Check well press. after 4.5hr shut in. Vacuum. Left well shut in, flowback crew to record press. overnight. 5/6/2016 Check well press: surface 0spi, casing 50psi, tbg: N/A. Flowback report showed shut in press. increased from 0psi to 40psi by 6:00am. Left well shut in. 5/10/2016 MIRU. Land hanger w/ BPV and secure lock down pins. ND Frac vlvs. NU 7 1/16" 5k BOPE stack- Test break to 2100psi tested good. Spot in foam air unit. PU TIH w/ 6 1/8" Rock bit and 78 jts of 2 3/8" L80 WS. Tag liner top @ 2468'- No fill. TOH w/ 78 jts and LD 6 1/8" Bit. 5/11/2016 PU 4 3/4" rock bit, bit sub with float, TIH w/ 86 jts of 2 3/8" L80 WS. Tag fill @ 2743' RU power swivel and break circ foam air. Good foam to surface, wash down next 5jts to PBTD @ 2840' Circulated after each jt until returns cleaned up. Circ bottom with foam air. Initial returns bring back heavy sand with some traces of coal, began to clean up. Very clean when shut down foam air. Well began to unload water the last 2hrs. 30bbls from the well today a.m., air circulating parameters per/hr: 12 bbl wtr, 1 gal foamer, .6 gal corrosion inhibitor, .3 gal of oxygen inhibitor, Circ press. 300- 350psi. RD power swivel, TOH with 16jts until EOT above liner top. EOT @ 2438' 5/12/2016 TIH w/ 16 jts of 2 3/8" L80 WS Tag fill @ 2830'. 10' of fill. Break circ with foam air. Took 2hrs, 30bbls to break circ. Cleaned to PBTD, circ till returns clean. SD, waited 1 hr, check fill- 2.5' of fill. Cleaned again -1 hr,fill less than 1'. 30mins - no change. Cleaned to PBTD, circ till clean. TOH LD 2 3/8" L80 WS. Move in prod tbg. PU TIH w/ prod string: run as follow: 80 jts of 2 3/8"", 5 jts boronized tbg, SN, Slotted MJ, Purge valve. EOT @ 2814' 5/13/2016 Install tbg hanger, land tbg. ND 7 1/16" 5k BOPE. NU B1 flange, test to 2000psi for 10mins- Test good. RU rod handling equip, TIH with pump. Rods run: 16' 1 1/4" SMPR, 6', 8', 8'- 3/4" Pony Rods, 106- 3/4" Rods, 3- 1 1/4" Sinker Bars, 12' Pump w/ 8' dip tube. Space out to prod specs 4.5' - 5' Polish rod out and 6" off tag. Load tbg with 8 bbls, press. test to 500psi- Test good. RDMO.
Total fluid used in treatment (bbls): 2569 Max pressure during treatment (psi): 1439
Total gas used in treatment (mcf): Fluid density (lbs/gal):
Type of gas: Number of staged intervals: 1
Total acid used in treatment (bbls): Min frac gradient (psi/ft):
Recycled water used in treatment (bbls): Total flowback volume recovered (bbls):
Produced water used in treatment (bbls): 2569 Disposition method for flowback: DISPOSAL
Total proppant used (lbs): 300540 Green completions techniques utilized:
Reason green techniques not utilized:
Formation Treatment
Treatment Date: 11/30/2001    
Treatment summary: CAVITATE 2504-2862
Tubing Size: Tubing Setting Depth:
Tubing Packer Depth: Tubing Multiple Packer:
Open Hole Top: 2504 Open Hole Bottom: 2862
    Initial Test Data:
Test Date: 5/11/2016 Test Method: flow
Hours Tested: 24 Gas Type: COAL GAS
Gas Disposal: SOLD
Test Type Measure
    BBLS_H2O 3    
    BBLS_OIL 0    
    BTU_GAS 933    
    CALC_BBLS_H2O 3    
    CALC_BBLS_OIL 0    
    CALC_GOR 189700    
    CALC_MCF_GAS 33    
    CASING_PRESS 200    
    MCF_GAS 33    
    TUBING_PRESS 98    
    Perforation Data:
    Interval Bottom: 2854 Interval Top: 2553
    # of Holes: 300 Hole Size: