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Surface Location Data for API # 05-067-07677                               Status: PR         12/29/2014
Well Name/No: INDIAN CREEK #24-2 SU (click well name for production)
Status Date: 12/29/2014 9:14:54 AM Federal or State Lease #: 18763
FacilityID: 216071 LocationID: 334052
County: LA PLATA #067 Location: SENW  24 34N10W M PM
Field: IGNACIO BLANCO  - #38300 Elevation: 6,375 ft.
Planned Location       2180 FNL  1548 FWL Lat/Long: 37.177607/-107.888919 Lat/Long Calculated From Footages
As Drilled Location      Footages Not Available Lat/Long: 37.17807/-107.888756 Lat/Long Source: Field Measured

Chemical Disclosure Registry
Job Date:         4/6/2013
Job End Date:  4/6/2013
Reported:   4/19/2013 Days to report:  13
Wellbore Data for Sidetrack #00                                                    Status: PR         12/29/2014
Wellbore Permit  
Permit #: 901089 Expiration Date: 1/22/1991
Prop Depth/Form: Surface Mineral Owner Same:
Mineral Owner: INDIAN Surface Owner:
Unit: Unit Number: SUT 750901031
Formation and Spacing: Code: FRLDC , Formation: FRUITLAND COAL , Order: 0 , Unit Acreage: 320, Drill Unit: N2
Wellbore Completed
Completion Date: 10/21/1990
Measured TD: 2750 Measured PB depth: 2674
True Vertical TD: 0 True Vertical PB depth:
Casing: String Type: SURF , Hole Size: 12.25, Size: 8.625, Top: 0, Depth: 318, Weight:
Cement: Sacks: 470, Top: 0, Bottom: , Method Grade:
Casing: String Type: 1ST , Hole Size: 7.875, Size: 5.5, Top: 0, Depth: 2746, Weight:
Cement: Sacks: 0, Top: 0, Bottom: , Method Grade:
Formation Log Top Log Bottom Cored DSTs
Completed information for formation FRLDC                                     Status: PR         12/29/2014
1st Production Date: N/A Choke Size:
Status Date: 12/29/2014 Open Hole Completion: Y
Commingled: N Production Method:
Formation Name: FRUITLAND COAL Status: PR
Formation Treatment Treatment Type: FRACTURE STIMULATION
Treatment Date: 4/2/2013 Treatment End Date: 4/12/2013
Treatment summary: 4/6/2013 RU for frac. Observe bucket test on liquid chems and weighed feed rate on dry chems. Tests all good (1 adjustment). Frac pumped as designed. Total fluid to recover is 109,406 gal. Total proppant into formation 160,000 lbm. Average slurry rate 40 bpm. Average pressure = 2315 psi, max pressure = 2592 psi, 5 min = 2150, 10 min = 2052, 15 min = 1956 psi. ISIP = 2358 psi. SEE ATTACHED PROCEDURE - WELLBORE DIAGRAMS
Total fluid used in treatment (bbls): Max pressure during treatment (psi): 2592
Total gas used in treatment (mcf): Fluid density (lbs/gal):
Type of gas: Number of staged intervals:
Total acid used in treatment (bbls): Min frac gradient (psi/ft):
Recycled water used in treatment (bbls): Total flowback volume recovered (bbls):
Produced water used in treatment (bbls): 109406 Disposition method for flowback: DISPOSAL
Total proppant used (lbs): 160000 Green completions techniques utilized:
Reason green techniques not utilized:
Tubing Size: Tubing Setting Depth:
Tubing Packer Depth: Tubing Multiple Packer:
Open Hole Top: Open Hole Bottom:
No Initial Test Data was found for formation FRLDC .
    Perforation Data:
    Interval Bottom: 2591 Interval Top: 2314
    # of Holes: Hole Size: