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ENERGY SEARCH CO ADBA ENERGY SEARCH CO INC           WIERMAN 4           Well API # 05-001-08786           Status: PA        Status Date: 02/20/2015           Location ID #:333088       NESW 7 1S 67W ADAMS

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Conditions of Approval
Form: (06 )
NOTE: changes in plugging orders 1) Provide 48 hour notice of plugging MIRU via electronic Form 42. 2) After setting CIBP/cement top, run CBL to verify stage tool coverage, submit CBL via email to COGCC before proceeding with plugging for verification of plugging orders. 2) For 1300’ plug: pump plug and displace, tag plug - must be 50' above stage tool depth (~1190'). If surface casing plug not circulated to surface then tag plug – must be 150’ or shallower and provide 10 sx plug at the surface. Leave at least 100’ cement in the casing for each plug. 3) Properly abandon flowlines as per Rule 1103. File electronic Form 42 once abandonment complete.

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