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Conditions of Approval
1) Operator shall comply with the most current revision of the Northwest Notification Policy. 2) Operator shall comply with the most current revision of the Garfield County Rulison Field Notice to Operators, with the following exception: All field notice requirements specified in that Notice to Operators are superseded by the requirements of the most current revision of the Northwest Colorado Notification Policy (see Condition of Approval #1). 3) Operator shall provide cement coverage from the production casing shoe (4+1/2" FIRST STRING) to a minimum of 200' above all Mesaverde Group (and Ohio Creek Formation, if present) oil, gas, and water-bearing sandstone and coalbed formations. Verify production casing cement coverage with a cement bond log. 4) Comply with all provisions of the June 12, 2008 Notice to Operators Drilling Wells within 3/4 Mile of the Rim of the Roan Plateau in Garfield County - Pit Design, Construction and Monitoring Requirements.

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Drilling/Completion Operations
One of the first wells drilled on the pad will be logged with open-hole Resistivity Log and Gamma Ray Log from TD into the surface casing. All wells on the pad will have a cement bond log with gamma-ray run on production casing (or on intermediate casing if production liner is run) into the surface casing. The Form 5, Completion Report, for each well on the pad will list all logs run and have those logs attached. The Form 5 for a well without open-hole logs shall clearly state No open-hole logs were run and shall clearly identify (by API#, well name & number) the well in which open-hole logs were run.
Drilling/Completion Operations
Closed loop system will be used. No pits will be built. Caerus will ensure 110 percent secondary containment for any potential volume of fluids that may be released.