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Conditions of Approval
Bradenhead tests shall be performed according to the following schedule and the Form 17 submitted within 10 days of each test: 1) Within 60 days of rig release and prior to stimulation and 2) If a delayed completion, 6 months after rig release and prior to stimulation. 3) Within 30 days after first production, as reported on Form 5A. If a bradenhead test reports a surface casing pressure greater than 200 psig stimulation is not allowed until the Engineering Supervisor has been consulted.
Approval of this sundry authorizes an Option 4 mitigation of the Mayeda, John Y. 2 (05-123-11075) as required by COA on the following wells, Rinn Valley West 18N-25-02C (05-123-47474), Rinn Valley West 18N-25-03N (05-123-47471), Rinn Valley West 18N-25-04N (05-123-47481). The COA for the Mayeda, John Y. 2 (05-123-11075) remains an Option 1 or 2 for the remaining APDs on the Rinn Valley West pad.
1) Submit Form 42 electronically to COGCC 48 hours prior to MIRU (spud notice) for the first well activity with a rig on the pad and provide 48 hour spud notice via Form 42 for all subsequent wells drilled on the pad. 2) Comply with Rule 317.j. and provide cement coverage from TD to a minimum of 200' above Niobrara and from 200’ below Shannon to 200’ above Sussex. Verify coverage with cement bond log. 3) Oil-based drilling fluid is to be used only after all fresh water aquifers are covered.
1) Operator shall implement measures to control venting, to protect health and safety, and to ensure that vapors and odors from well operations do not constitute a nuisance or hazard to public welfare. 2) At the conclusion of the cycles, submit a Sundry that summarizes current well condition and includes the flow rate information and pressure data.
Operator acknowledges the proximity of the listed wells. Operator assures that this offset list will be remediated per the DJ Basin Horizontal Offset Policy (option 4). Operator will submit a Form 42 (“OTHER – AS SPECIFIED BY PERMIT CONDITION”) stating that appropriate mitigation will be completed, during the hydraulic stimulation of this permitted well. This Form 42 shall be filed 48 hours prior to stimulation. Operator will isolate NB-CD-J formations with a packer below top of cement and install wellhead equipment that is rated to 5000 psi. Operator will assure that the offset well’s Bradenhead is open and monitored during the entire stimulation treatment – a person will monitor for any evidence of fluid, a Bradenhead test will be performed prior to the beginning of stimulation and Form 17 submitted. Mayeda, John Y. 2 (05-123-11075)
Operator will ensure the wellbore beyond the unit boundary setback is physically isolated and is not completed. In the Operator Comments on the Form 5A the operator will (1) report the footages from the section lines of the bottom of the completed interval, (2) describe how the wellbore beyond the unit boundary setback is physically isolated, and (3) certify that none of the wellbore beyond the setback was completed.
Operator acknowledges the proximity of the non-operated listed wells. Operator agrees to: provide mitigation option 1 or 2 (per the DJ Basin Horizontal Offset Policy) to mitigate the situation, ensure all applicable documentation is submitted based on the selected mitigation option chosen, and submit a Form 42 (“OFFSET MITIGATION COMPLETED”) stating that appropriate mitigation occurred and that it has been completed, prior to the hydraulic stimulation of this well. 05-123-11075, MAYEDA, JOHN Y. 2 05-123-10814, POWELL 1 05-123-10290, SERAFINI GAS UNIT 1 05-123-11570, REGNIER FARMS B UNIT 1
Conduct a new bradenhead test and submit the Form 17 within ten days of the test to demonstrate compliance with Order 1-232 and current wellbore conditions.

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Drilling/Completion Operations
Anti-collision: Operator will perform an anti-collision evaluation of all active (producing, shut in, or temporarily abandoned) offset wellbores that have the potential of being within 150 feet of a proposed well prior to drilling operations for the proposed well. Notice shall be given to all offset operators prior to drilling.
Drilling/Completion Operations
Operator acknowledges and will comply with COGCC policy for Bradenhead Monitoring during Hydraulic Fracturing treatments in the Greater Wattenberg Area dated May 29, 2012.
Drilling/Completion Operations
317.p One of the first wells drilled on the pad will be logged with open-hole Resistivity Log and Gamma Ray Log from the kick-off point into the surface casing. All wells on the pad will have a cement bond log with gamma-ray run on production casing (or on intermediate casing if production liner is run) into the surface casing. The horizontal portion of every well will be logged with a measured-while-drilling gamma-ray log. The Form 5, Completion Report, for each well on the pad will list all logs run and have those logs attached. The Form 5 for a well without open-hole logs shall clearly state “No open-hole logs were run” and shall clearly identify (by API#, well name & number) the well in which open-hole logs were run.