Amended Rules

Complete Rules (100 - 1200 Series)

2011 Rule 318A Amendment

1995-1996 Major Rulemaking Overview

2012 Groundwater Rulemaking

List of Rules and Policies adopted between 1990-2008

2012 Setback Rulemaking

2008 Rulemaking

2013 Spill Reporting Rulemaking

2011 Fracture Treatment Disclosure

2013 Wildlife Map Rulemaking


Outline of Contents

100 Series Definitions

200 Series General Rules

300 Series Drilling, Development, Producing and Abandonment

400 Series Unit Operations, Enhanced Recovery Projects

500 Series Rules of Practice and Procedure

600 Series Safety Regulations

700 Series Financial Assurance and Environmental Response Fund

800 Series Aesthetic and Noise Control Regulations

900 Series Exploration and Production Waste Management

1000 Series Reclamation Regulations

1100 Series Flowline Regulations >

1200 Series Protection of Wildlife Resources

Appendix I - Information on Completing COGCC Forms

Appendix II - None

Appendix III - Fee Structure

Appendix IV - Due Date/Response Time

Appendix V - Oil & Gas Conservation Act Title 34-Article 60 (Amended)

Appendix VI - Public Water Systems

Appendix VII - Restricted Surface Occupancy Maps (Amended)

Appendix VIII - Sensitive Wildlife Habitat Maps

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