COGCC Spill Reporting Rulemaking 2013

On May 8, 2013, Governor Hickenlooper signed into law, House Bill 13-1278, relating to the reporting of spills. The rules require oil and gas operators to report any spill or releases of one barrel or more of exploration and production waste within 24 hours after the discovery. The operator is required to make a report to the COGCC as well as to either the municipality or county where the spill occurs. The report must include any information available to the operator concerning the type of waste involved in the spill. There are proposed changes to Rule 300 Series and 900 Series to implement the legislation.

HOUSE BILL 13-1278  (May 11, 2013)

1st Stakeholder Meeting Announcement  (audio) (October 09,2013)

COGA Draft Redline  (October 21,2013)

Western Resources Draft Response  (October 21, 2013)

December 16th Hearing Notice  (October 25, 2013)

Draft Rules  (October 30, 2013)

Notice of 11/22/2013 Stakeholder Meeting   (November 13, 2013)

Notice of 11/22/2013 Prehearing Conference  (November 13, 2013)

Revised Draft Rules - Clean   (November 22, 2013)

Revised Draft Rules - Redline   (November 22, 2013)

Draft Statement of Basis Purpose   (December 09, 2013)

Spill Report Rules Redline   (December 10, 2013)

Parties to Rulemaking  (Statements & Proposals) 


Hearing Audio December 17th 

Final Adopted Spill and Release Reporting Rules   (Effective February 01, 2014)

Statement of Basis Purpose   (December 20, 2013)

Final Spill Report Rules   (December 20, 2013)




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