Order Synopses for Cause Number 481  (12/16/2018)

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      CAUSE 481
481 - 1
Establishes certain rules for the development of the Sussex Sand reservoir underlying lands in Weld County, and dismisses the inclusion of certain other lands and requirements contained within the expanded application, with the order to be effective June 15, 1990.  Scanned Images of Hearing DocumentsHearing Files
Expanded OrdersOrder
481 - 2
Approves the request to rescind Order No. 481-1 for the lands contained in the Aristocrat-Northeast Field consisting of the S½ of Section 31, Township 4 North, Range 64 West, 6th P.M. Approves the request that the above-described lands be included in Order Nos. 493-2 and 407-67, so that the Applicant who is the operator of the four (4) wells drilled in accordance with Order Nos. 407-1 and 407-6 in the S½ S½ of Section 31 for production from the Codell and Niobrara Formations may recomplete these wells to the Sussex Formation and providing 40-acre drilling and spacing units for the Sussex Formation underlying the lands, with the permitted locations for production from the Sussex Formation being designated as the location of each of these wells.  Scanned Images of Hearing DocumentsHearing Files
Expanded OrdersOrder