Area Reports/Data

     Southeast Colorado

     Parkland Estates

     Piceance Basin

     Raton Basin

     San Juan Basin

     Denver Julesburg Basin

     San Luis Valley

     Sand Wash Basin

    Leyden Gas Storage Facility Closure Activities and Monitoring

     New API #s for wells affected by creation of the County of Broomfield

     The Chemistry of Perforating Charges Used in the Trinidad Area


     (New) Production and Sales by County - Monthly

     Production and Prices

     Weekly/Monthly Well Activity

Public Presentations

    COGCC June 2013 Hearing Presentation Regarding Storage Tanks

    COGCC Presentation Regarding Spills and Releases in 2012

    Colorado Mesa University 2013 Water Course New COGCC Groundwater Rules

    Hydrogen Sulfide Presentation, September 2011 Commission Hearing in Broomfield

    Horizontal Wells in Colorado, November 2010 Commission Hearing

    Materials Related to the July 14-15, 2009 Commission Hearing in Glenwood Springs

    Materials Related to August 18, 2009 Commission Hearing in Trinidad

    Materials Related to September 26, 2009 Commission Hearing in Pagosa Springs

    Oilfield Awareness For Emergency Responders

    Field Compliance Issues

    Northwest Colorado Oil and Gas Forum Presentations

Water Related Reports and Papers

    How Well Do You Know Your Water Well?

   Methane in Colorado Groundwater

     What's in Your Water Well Presentation - presented by Dr. Anthony W. Gorody at the

           11/18/2005 NW Co Oil and Gas Forum       ppt file 56mb | pdf file 5mb

     Annual Reports to the WQCC/WQCD

Inter-Agency Cooperation

     A Regulatory Review of Liquid and Natural Gas Pipelines in Colorado (12/16/14)

     Local Public Forum Reports

     Rich Griebling's Memo Re: Coordination with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and Red Willow (6/25/04)

     MOU's/MOA's between the COGCC and Other Agencies

Underground Injection Control (UIC)

     EOR Wells: Recompletions Guidance (08/25/2014)

     UIC Wells: Recompletions Guidance (08/25/2014)

     EPC Poster of Various UIC Class Wells (04/27/2011)

     Active Class II Underground Injection Control Wells (01/17/2012)

     COGCC Induced Seismicity (07/10/2014)

     Poster For Induced Seismicity Workshop (09/07/2012)

     COGCC Underground Injection Control Program Overview (10/23/2013)

     COGCC MIT Guidance (07/06/2014)

     EPA - Exemption of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Wastes from Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations (12/19/2013)

     UIC Application Training (06/12/2012)

     UIC Training Workbook (06/23/2013)

     COGCC UIC Program Summary (01/17/2008)

     Underground Injection Control and Seismicity (01/19/2012)

     Underground Injection Control Quality Assurance Project Plan (10/08/1997)

     EPA & COGCC Memorandum of Understanding (08/15/1989)

     MOU between CDPHE and COGCC for Commercial Class II Injection Wells (10/06/2000)


     Preliminary Response to Debeque Waterflow (09/04/2013)

     Hydraulic Fracturing Information (04/09/2012)

     Water Sources and Demand for the Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and Gas Wells in Colorado from 2010 through 2015 (01/19/2012)

     Colorado Current Orphan Wells List (09/24/2014)

     Colorado Current Orphan Reclamation Sites List (09/24/2014)

     STRONGER Hydraulic Fracturing Review (06/13/2011)

     Historical Plats    Scanned images of 1952-1996 well location plats. 

     Gasland Correction Document (10/29/2010)

     Results of Noise Survey (09/2006) Revised 9/19/2006    

     Colorado DNR Economic Comparison of the Rules and Regulations of the COGCC Jan. 2001

     Approximate Colorado Tax Rates for Use in Economic Evaluations of Oil & Gas Properties (04/1997)

     Conservation Levy Rates Assessed - 1990-Present

     Recommendations Re: Natural Gas Seepage in the San Juan Basin and Observations Re: Other 

     Fruitland  Formation Issues (04/15/2004)

     Rich Griebling's Sept. 2001Testimony before House Resources