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     Water/Gas Sample Data - Open Map, then turn on "Sites w/Lab Data" and "All Sample Sites" Layers. (Go to Map)

     COGCC Oil and Gas Field Polygon shapefiles are available for download. (Go to Downloads)

     Directional bottom hole GIS shapefiles are available for download. (Go to Downloads)

     Directional bottom hole locations have been added to the map. Metadata

     Wildlife habitat shapefiles are available for download - (Go to Downloads)

     Roan Rim Buffer Shapefile now available for download

     Spacing Order Layer has been changed. Double click on spaced section to review orders.

     NRCS Soil Surveys added to Map with links to Soil Data. Soil Layer Help

    GIS Downloads (NAD83 Datum)

     Well Surface Locations - about  * Updated daily

     Directional Well Bottomhole Locations   * Updated daily

Prior to January 1, 2012, straight-line wellbore traces (from surface hole locations to corresponding bottom hole locations) were automatically generated for directional and horizontal wells. The generated wellbore traces do not represent the true wellbore path. After January 1, 2012, directional lines have been generated using operator-submitted well survey information.

     Pending Permits (Surface Locations and Directional Lines)   * Updated daily

Pending permit surface locations and wellbore traces are preliminary and HAVE NOT been verified or approved. This information should be used with caution.

     Pit Locations - about  * Updated daily

     Oil and Gas Permit Locations - about  * Updated daily

     Oil and Gas Field Polygons - about  * Updated periodically

     Fruitland Pictured Cliffs Contact and Buffer - about

     Roan Rim Buffer - about

     Wildlife Habitat Shapefiles - about

     Rule 317B Shapefiles


    DNR Map Site Links

     Division of Water Resources  

     Colorado Parks & Wildlife  

     Colorado Geological Survey  

     Division of Reclamation Mining & Safety