Suite 801, The Chancery Building

1120 Lincoln Street

Denver, Colorado 80203


Monday, February 10, 2003



10:00 a.m.    Roll Call of Commissioners


                        Approval of Proceedings


10:05 a.m.  Report from the Director - Written report provided


10:20 a.m.    Report from the Assistant Attorney General


10:30 a.m.    Commissioner Comments


10:40 a.m.    Report from the Executive Directors Office


10:55 a.m.    Audience Comments


11:10 a.m.    Consent Agenda


                        Cause No. 517, Docket No. 0302-GA-01, Purgatoire River Field, Las Animas County

Applicant:                    Evergreen Operating Corp.

Attorney:                      Ken Jones


Subject:                       Request for a variance to allow the Kildare 42-20 Well located in the SE NE of Section 20, Township 34 South, Range 65 West, 6th P.M. to be located closer than 150 feet from the surface owner's property.


Protestant:                  William Silverman      

Attorney:                      Paige Brock


Comments:                 Prehearing Conference was held on January 28th.

                                    Continued to the April hearing; parties attempting settlement.


                        Cause No.112, Docket No. 0302-UP-01, Ignacio Blanco Field, La Plata County

                        Applicant:                    Richard and Theresa Watson

                        Attorney:                      R. Nicholas Palmer


                        Subject:                       Request for the acreage and mineral interests which have been included in the drilling unit for University 9-1 Well located in the E of Section 9, Township 34 North, Range 9 West to be pooled effective as of the 1993 date the well was completed, and the Applicants be paid the money attributable to their mineral interests from the time of completion in 1993 to the present.


                        Protestant:                  Chevron U.S.A., Inc.

                        Attorney:                      William Keefe


                        Protestant:                  Enervest Management Partners, Ltd.

                        Attorney:                      Brian S. Tooley


                        Comments:                 Prehearing Conference was held on January 28th at 10 a.m.

                                                            Continued to the June hearing; parties attempting settlement


                        Cause No. 1R, Docket No. 0302-RM-01, Statewide

                        Commission Motion


                        Subject:                       Request to approve amendments to Rules 303.d., 303.k., and 503.b(6).


                        Letter of Support:        Garfield County, Board of County Commissioners


                        Comments:                 Sign up sheet for comments



                        Monument Gas Marketing, Incs. Motion for Stay of Execution




February 10, 2003



Administrative Order by Consent


The following Administrative Order by Consent was accepted and agreed to:


                        Cause No. 1V, Docket No. 0302-OV-02, Garfield County

                        Staff Recommendation


                        Subject:           Request to approve an Administrative Order by Consent finding Encana Oil &                                                        Gas (USA), Inc. in violation of the approved Access and Transportation Plan for                                                     access to the Grass Mesa Ranch 27-2B1 Well located in the NW NE of                                                          Section 27, Township 6 South, Range 93 West, 6th P.M. and the AOC adopted                                                     by the Commission on December 2, 2002.