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Monday, August 13, 2001


10:00 a.m. Roll Call of Commissioners


Approval of Proceedings


Report from the Executive Directors Office


Report from the Director - Written report provided


Report from the Attorney General


Commissioner Comments


Audience Comments


Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0108-EX-03, Moffat County


Applicant: Devon Energy Production Company, L.P.

Attorney: Michael J. Wozniak


Subject: Request for an order allowing the Richards No. 13-17-7-93 Well to be located at an exception location 660 feet FSL and 660 feet FWL in SW SW of Section 17, Township 7 North, Range 93 West, 6th P.M. for production from the Mesaverde Formation.


Comments: Waivers obtained and application withdrawn.


Cause No. 112, Docket No. 0107-UP-06, Ignacio Blanco Field, La Plata County

Applicant: John G. Clancy

Protestant: EnerVest Management Partners, Ltd.

Attorney: Brian S. Tooley


Protestant: Texaco Exploration and Production Inc.

Attorney: William A. Keefe


Subject: Request for an order to pool 5 acres into the E of Section 9, Township 34 North, Range 9 West, N.M.P.M.

Comments: Prehearing conference held July 26, 2001. Parties are in process of negotiating a settlement. Application continued until settlement is finalized.

Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0108-GA-06, Las Animas County


Applicant: Apache Canyon Gas, LLC

Attorney: David Brody


Request for

dismissal: Evergreen Resources, Inc.

Attorney: Barry W. Spector


Subject: Request for an order determining the amount of payment of production proceeds owed, plus interest, from Evergreen Resources, Inc., and the date said production proceeds became due.


Comments: Joint request to continue to the October, 2001 hearing so the parties can pursue arbitration.


Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0108-EX-04, Weld County


Applicant: Prima Oil & Gas Company

Attorney: Stephen J. Sullivan


Protestant: HS Resources, Inc.

Attorney: Peter A. Bjork


Subject: Request for an order allowing the drilling of the Eaton Cattle No. 19-21 Well at an exception location 282.9 feet from the north line and 2765.72 feet from the east line of Section 19, Township 4 North, Range 66 West, 6th P.M. for production from the Codell-Niobrara Formations.


Comments: Joint request to continue to the October, 2001 hearing.


11:00 a.m. Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0107-EX-02, Matrix Energy, LLC, Weld County

Applicant: Matrix Energy, LLC

Attorney: Peter A. Bjork


Protestant: Donvan and Janel Sharpe

Attorney: Alan D. Sweetbaum


Protestant: William M. Lewis and Ann E. Carrington

Attorney: Karl F. Anuta


Subject: Request for an order granting a variance pursuant to Rules 502 and 503 as to minimum setbacks from housing in a high-density area.


Comments: The Commission denied the request to grant a variance at the July hearing, and encouraged the parties to negotiate a waiver for an exception location and prepare a safety plan.


11:30 a.m. Cause No. 519, Docket No. 0108-GA-07, Jefferson County


Applicant: Plainview Oil & Gas, Inc.

Representative: Tony Carter


Protestant: Charles McKay

Attorney: Richard Scheurer


Subject: Request for an order allowing an extension of time to complete the drilling operations on the No. 1 MPIC 9-39 Well, with no fines or penalties to be levied for alleged violation of Rule 319.b.(3).


12:00-12:30 p.m. L U N C H


Consent Agenda







No protests/interventions were received on the matters listed below and administrative hearings were held for these matters. Appropriate testimony accompanied by required exhibits were presented to the Hearing Officers in support of the applications. Hearing Officer recommendations are provided and exhibits are available upon request. The Applicants agreed to be bound by oral Order of the Commission.


Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0107-OV-09, La Plata County


Staff Recommendation

Subject: Request to approve an Administrative Order by Consent, finding Texaco North America Production in violation of Rules 305 and 903, failure to notify the surface owner of pending recompletion, and obtain an approved pit permit prior to construction of special use pits for the Southern Ute Wells #27 and #28, assessing a fine of Four Thousand dollars ($4000).


Comments: Continued from the July hearing to provide adequate notice to the surface owner.