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Monday, September 25, 2000 – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000 – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Chancery Building, Suite 801

1120 Lincoln Street

Denver, CO




¿8:30 a.m.       Roll Call of Commissioners

¿8:35 a.m.       Approval of Proceedings

¿8:40 a.m.       Report from the Director – Written report provided


¿8:45 a.m.       Report from the Attorney General

¿8:50 a.m.       Commissioner Comments

¿8:55 a.m.       Audience Comments


                        Cause Nos. 479, 440, 139, and 510, Docket No. 0003-SP-01, Rulison, Parachute and Grand Valley Fields, Garfield County


                        Applicant:          Barrett Resources Corporation

                        Attorney:           William A. Keefe/Malcolm Murray


                        Intervenor:         Garfield County

                        Attorney:           Martha Rudolph/Ronald Eddy


                        Protestant:        Arnold L. Mackley, Darleen E. Mackley, Paul A. Bernklau, Carla R. Bernklau, Gary E. Martin, Gloria J. Martin, Nancy Kay Force, Steven L. Collins, Carol L. Collins and Joan Savage

                        Attorney:           Thomas W. Niebrugge


                        Intervenor:         Colorado Oil & Gas Association

                        Attorney:           Ken Wonstolen


                        Intervenor:         Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

                        Attorney:           Paul Zogg         


            Subject:                        Request to allow additional wells, the equivalent of one (1) well per 20 acres, to be drilled on certain lands for the production of gas and associated hydrocarbons from the Williams Fork Formation of the Mesaverde Group.


Comments:       On March 3, 2000 the BLM filed a protest with the Commission on the Application. On March 10, 2000 the BLM filed a written withdrawal of the protest.  Local Public Forum held on March 2, 2000.  Prehearing conference held on March 8, 2000.  On March 15, 2000, the Commission approved the application and stayed the order pending a Public Issues Hearing.  Continued from the August 21 and 22, 2000 Public Issues Hearing.






                       Cause No. 451, Docket No. 0009-AW-12, Lilli Field, Weld County

                       Applicant:           Walsh Production, Inc.

                       Attorney:                        Barry Spector


                       Subject:              Request to amend Order No. 451-22 to allow an additional well to be drilled for the production of gas and associated hydrocarbons from the “D” Sand Formation in the E½ NW¼ of Section 7, Township 8 North, Range 58 West, 6th P.M.


                       Comments:         Application withdrawn due to lands being subject to a federal unit; hearing cancelled.


                       Consent Agenda



September 25 & 26, 2000



Administrative Orders by Consent


The following Administrative Orders by Consent were accepted and agreed to:


                        Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0009-OV-09, Weld County

                        STAFF RECOMMENDATION


                        Subject:            Request to approve an Administrative Order by Consent finding Texas Tea LLC in continuing violation of Rule 324.a., failure to prevent the unauthorized discharge of E&P waste.  Texas Tea LLC shall submit an explanation as to what occurred at the site and describe what measures will be taken to insure no future incidents occur.  Further, a monetary penalty of Two Thousand Five Hundred dollars ($2,500) shall be assessed.


                        Cause No. 1, Docket No. 0009-OV-11, Weld County

                        STAFF RECOMMENDATION


                        Subject:            Request to approve an Administrative Order by Consent finding Rex Monahan in violation of Rules 906.b.(1), 906.b.(2), 909.e.(1) and 910.b.(3).A. and in continuing violation of Rules 906.d.(1) and 909.c.(1).  Rex Monahan shall be ordered to submit a Form 27 for COGCC approval within fifteen (15) days.  The Form 27 shall include a Sampling and Analysis Plan to confirm the removal of impacted soils.  Following receipt of the laboratory results, a report shall be submitted to the COGCC documenting all remedial actions taken related to the spill/release event.  Further, a monetary penalty of Two Thousand dollars ($2,000) shall be assessed.

Administrative Hearing


No protests were received on the spacing portion of the application listed below and an administrative hearing was held for this matter.  Appropriate testimony accompanied by required exhibits were presented to the Hearing Officers in support of this application.  Hearing Officer recommendations are provided and exhibits are available upon request.  The Applicant agreed to be bound by oral Order of the Commission.


                        Cause No. 517, Docket No. 0009-SP-05, Raton and Vermejo Formations, Huerfano and Las Animas Counties

                        Applicant:          Cedar Ridge, LLC

                        Attorney:           Michael Wozniak


                        Subject:                        Request to establish 160-acre drilling and spacing units for certain lands in Townships 29-31 South, Ranges 65-67 West, 6th P.M., with the permitted well to be located in each quarter section no closer than 600 feet from the boundaries of the unit and to approve certain existing wells as the permitted wells for their units.


                        Hearing Officers: David Dillon/Tricia Beaver          


                        Comments:        The spacing issue was heard by Hearing Officers who recommend approval. Interventions were filed by three parties solely to raise public health, safety, welfare and environmental issues.  The pooling portion of the application and the public health, safety and welfare issues raised by the intervenors are continued to the October hearing.