HEARING DOCKET: December, 2002 Prelim

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Page 1 10/30/2002
No. Cause Applicant/Attorney or Representative Date
Matter Remarks
0212-AW-05 133 Chevron USA,  Inc/           William Keefe 10/2/2002

Hiawatha West Wasatch, Fort Union-Lance-Lewis,



Request for an order allowing up to five wells to be drilled on 320-acre drilling and spacing units on certain lands in Township 12 North, Range 100 West, 6th P.M. for production of gas and associated hydrocarbons.

ORDER 133-19

0212-SP-14 191

Calpine Natural Gas Co./

Stephen J. Sullivan


Mam Creek 



Request to vacate the orders which established 640-acre drilling and spacing units in Section 23, Township 6 South, Range 92 West, 6th P.M.

ORDER 191-6

0212-RM-03 1R Commission Motion 9/23/2002 Statewide Amendments to Rules 100 Series, 303.g., 304., 325.m., 333.d., 507.b., 508.a., 522.a., 603.i., 701., 802.a., and 1004.a.


0212-OV-24 1V Staff Recommendation 10/23/2002     Grass Mesa     Garfield AOC- Rule 602.b., failure by Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc. to comply with the approved Access and Transportation Plan for access to the Grass Mesa Ranch 27-2B1 Well located in the NW1/4 NE1/4 of Section 27, Township 6 South, Range 93 West, 6th P.M.

ORDER 1V-241

0212-GA-09 1 Monument Gas Marketing, Inc./                                            Randy Campbell 10/24/2002 Kiowa  Motion to Reconsider Order No. 1V-238. Continued to January
0212-GA-10 1 Fire Truck Northwestern, Inc. 10/28/2002 Grand Valley Garfield Request to bring Williams Production RMT before the Commission to determine why payment of proceeds have not been made on several wells in the S1/2 of Section 1 and the N1/2 of Section 12, both of Township 7 South, Range 96 West, 6th P.M. Continued to January
0210-UP-07 112 Chevron USA,  Inc/           William Keefe 9/9/2002


 Fruitland Coa

La Plata 

Request for an order to pool all non-consenting owners in the N1/2 of Section 8U and Lots 1, 2, 3, & 4 of Section 5U, Township 34 North, Range 9 West,  N.M.P.M. for the drilling of the Koshak BA-A well. Continued to January
0209-SP-12 499
CFG Energy, Inc./               Michael Morgan 8/7/2002 Wattenberg
Dakota, "J" Sand, Codell, Niobrara
Request for an order to establish a 160-acre drilling and spacing unit consisting of the NW¼ of Section 3, Township 4 North, Range 63 West, 6th P.M. and to pool all nonconsenting owners. Withdrawn, Hearing Cancelled