July 2002 Hearing Docket

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Cause No.

Applicant/Attorney or Representative Date
Matter Remarks
0207-EX-02 112 44 Canyon, LLC/ Mike Wozniak 5/24/2002 Ignacio-Blanco
Fruitland Coal
La Plata
Request for an order to allow the drilling of the Eagles #1-2 Well at an exception location 690 feet from the west line and 1,465 feet from the south line in the SW of Section 1, Township 34 North, Range 9 West, N.M.P.M. Order No. 112-166
0206-OV-05 1V Staff Recommendation 4/24/2002 La Plata OFV- Rule 1003.a., failure by MarkWest Resources, Inc. to remove guy line anchors on crop land at the Tiffany No. 2-17 Well located in the NE NW of Section 17, Township 32 North, Range 6 West, N.M.P.M. Continued to August
0207-OV-06 1V Staff Recommendation 3/15/2002 Washington AOC - Rule 324A.a., 324A.b., 902.a., 907.a.(1), 907.a.(2), and 907.c., failure by Alfred Ward & Son Operating Company to ensure that E&P waste is properly stored, handled, transported, treated, recycled or disposed and for the unauthorized and intentional discharge of produced water into adjacent surface waters for the State #1 and #2 tank battery in the NE SE of Section 36, Township 3 South, Range 54 West, 6th P.M. Order No. 1V-223
0207-OV-07 1V Staff Recommendation 2/28/2002 Baca AOC- Rule 302, 312, and 706, failure by Oneok Resources Company to provide a Registration for Oil and Gas Operations, Certification of Clearance and/or Change of Operator, and financial assurance for the Bauman A #1-2 Well in the SW SW of Section 2, Township 33 South, Range 42 West, 6th P.M. Order No. 1V-224
0207-GA-06 112 Texaco Exploration 5/30/2002 Ignacio-Blanco
Fruitland Coal
La Plata
Request to allow the West Animas-University #9-3 Well to be located 1085 feet FSL and 2300 feet FWL in the SE SW of Section 9, Township 34 North, Range 9 West, N.M.P.M., within one and one-half miles of the outcrop contact between the Fruitland and Pictured Cliffs Formations. Permit Issued
0207-SP-09 232
United States Exploration, Inc/Peter Bjork 6/6/2002 Wattenberg
"J" and Dakota
Request for an order to amend Cause Nos. 232 and 499 to allow the 320-acre drilling and spacing unit consisitng of the N of Section 9, Township 4 North, Range 63 West, 6th P.M. to be segregated into 160-acre drilling and spacing units consisting of the NE and NW of Section 9, for the production of oil, gas and associated hydrocarbons from the "J" Sand and Dakota Formations Order Nos. 232-235 and           499-73                    
0207-GA-07 523 SWD, LLC/Cynthia Bargell 6/7/2002
Request for an order to establish a surface use plan designating approved well site locations within a PUD covering portions of Sections 9-16, Township 6 South, Range 92 West, 6th P.M. Order No. 523-1