August  2001 Hearing Docket

No. Cause Field
Applicant/Attorney/Representative Date
0107-EX-02 1 Matrix Energy, LLC/Peter A. Bjork 05/18/2001 Weld Request for an order granting a variance pursuant to Rule 502 and 503 as to minimum setbacks from housing in a high density area. Order No. 1-96  
0107-OV-09 1 Staff Recommendation 05/21/2001 La Plata AOC-Rules 305., 903., failure to notify the surface owner of pending recompletion, and obtain an approved pit permit prior to construction of special use pits for the Southern Ute Wells #27 and #28. Order No. 1V-216
0107-UP-06 112 John G. Clancy 05/21/2001 Ignacio Blanco Fruitland Coal          La Plata Request to pool 5 acres into the E 1/2 of Section 9, Township 34 North, Range 9 West, N.M.P.M. Withdrawn  
0108-GA-06 1 Apache Canyon Gas, LLC/David Brody 06/21/2001 Las Animas Request for an order for payment from Evergreen Resources, Inc. for proceeds from the W 1/2, SE 1/4 and NE 1/4, SE 1/4 of Section 27, Township 33 South, Range 66 West, 6th P.M. Withdrawn
0108-EX-03 1 Devon Energy Production Company, L.P./Michael J. Wozniak 06/25/2001 Moffat Request for an order allowing an exception location for a proposed well to be drilled to the Mesaverde Formation. Withdrawn
0108-EX-04 1 Prima Oil & Gas Company/Stephen J. Sullivan 06/26/2001 Weld Request for an order allowing the drilling of the Eaton Cattle No. 19-21 Well at an exception location 282.9 feet from the north line and 2765.72 feet from the east line of Section 19, Township 4 North, Range 66 West, 6th P.M. Continue to October
0108-GA-07 519 Plainview Oil & Gas, Inc. 07/16/2001 Jefferson Request for an order to allow an extension of time to complete the drilling operations on the No. 1 MPIC 9-39 Well, with no fines or penalties to be levied for alleged violation of Rule 319.b.(3). Order No. 519-2