July  2001 Hearing Docket


No. Cause Applicant/Attorney/Representative Date
Matter Remarks
0107-OV-07 1 Staff Recommendation 05/15/2001 Adams AOC-Rule 317A.b.(1), failure to set surface casing at a depth of 1275', sufficient to protect the Fox Fills transition zone for the Dengenhart #43-5 Well. Order No. 1V-213
0107-OV-08 1 Staff Recommendation 05/17/2001 Washington AOC-Rules 324A.a., 324A.b., 902.a., 907.a., 907.a.(1), 907.a.(2), and 907.c.(2), failure to ensure that E&P waste is properly stored, handled, transported, treated, recycled or disposed, and for the unauthorized and intentional discharge of produced water into adjacent surface waters . Order No. 1V-214
0107-EX-02 1 Matrix Energy, LLC/Peter A. Bjork 05/18/2001 Weld Request for an order granting a variance pursuant to Rule 502 and 503 as to minimum setbacks from housing in a high density area. Continued to August
0107-OV-09 1 Staff Recommendation 05/21/2001 La Plata AOC-Rules 305, 903, failure to notify the surface owner of pending recompletion, and obtain an approved pit permit prior to constuction of special use pits for the Southern Ute Wells #27 and #28. Continued to August
0107-AW-07 139, 510, 440, 479 Barrett Resources Corporation/William Keefe 05/21/2001 Williams Fork Garfield Request for an order allowing additional wells within existing spacing units in the Rulison and Grand Valley Fields. Order Nos. 139-37, 510-6, 440-22 & 479-9
0107-GA-04 329 Commission Motion 05/21/2001 Schramm Niobrara      Yuma Amend Order #329-4 to include setback requirements for first wells drilled in 160-acre drilling and spacing units for production from the Niobrara Formation. Order No. 329-5
0107-UP-06 112 John G. Clancy 05/21/2001 Ignacio Blanco Fruitland Coal La Plata Request to pool 5 acres into the E/2 of 9-34N-9W, N.M.P.M. Continued to August
0107-GA-05 512 Evergreen Resources, Inc./John Buckley 05/23/2001 Raton-Vermejo Las Animas Request to terminate Order No. 512-1 which established a nitrogen injection unit. Order No. 512-2
0105-RM-02 1 Commission Motion   Statewide Rulemaking continued for Rules 333, 605, and 500 Series. Order No. 1R-90
0107-OV-10 1 Staff Recommendation 06/15/2001 Adams AOC-Rule 907.c.(2), failure to dispose of produced water by an authorized method. Order No. 1V-215