September  2001 Hearing Docket


No. Cause Applicant/Attorney/Representative Date
Matter Remarks
0109-AW-08 112 Exok, Inc. and Elm Ridge Operating Company, Inc. 8/6/2001 La Plata/Archuleta Request for an order to establish drilling and spacing units on certain unspaced lands, and to allow an optional second well on these units and within existing spacing units in the Fruitland Coal Seam Formation. Withdrawn
0109-GA-08 1 Texaco Exploration & Production, Inc.  8/10/2001 La Plata Request for a Permit-to-Drill the Wheeler #12U-4, proposed to be located 1335 feet FNL and 1070 feet FEL in the SEĽ NEĽ of Section 12U, Township 34 North, Range 10 West, N.M.P.M., within one and one-half miles of the outcrop contact between the Fruitland and Pictured Cliffs Formations.  Continued to October