To view and manipulate the COGCC GIS ONLINE map data you must first install the appropriate Autodesk Mapguide Viewer on your local system.  These viewers are upgraded periodically (about once per year).  Click here to read about the plugins.






1)     Click on the appropriate browser button (Internet Explorer or Netscape) on the COGCC GIS Online page to download viewer. Save the file to your disk.   Note the destination directory/folder on your system before initiating download because you will need to navigate to this folder.   If you use AOL (Versions prior to AOL 8.0), download the Internet Explorer Viewer.   If you have a Macintosh computer, you will need to download the plugin from the Autodesk Site using the link below.


     Note:  Netscape 7.0 and AOL 8.0 are not supported at this time.


2)     Navigate to the viewer file for Internet Explorer (MGControl60.exe) or Netscape (MGPlugin60.exe) on your system and double click to begin installation.   After answering a few installation questions the viewer will be installed.


3)     Return to the COGCC GIS Online page and go to GIS ONLINE to view maps.





q       Autodesk Mapguide Viewer Download Site  (Macintosh Viewer or Java Viewers)